Boiling and disinfection series

Product Overview

YC-II series boiling sterilizer is for sterilization developed by our company. According to the relevant standard 2009 version for sterile supply room, medical instruments and medical supplies should be disinfected: mechanical thermal disinfection / heat disinfection are preferred. The product is to thermostat heat the disinfectant (water), and then transmit to the instruments by heat conduction of water to achieve disinfection eventually.

Using the most advanced temperature control program to ensure the temperature range is of ± 1 . Digital display panel is more intuitive.

The projects can mainly be used in hospital sterile supply room, operating room and department which requires equipment sterilization or disinfection in hospitals to deal with large numbers of various instruments.


  1. Foot control / Hand control operating window, avoid contact with hot water and steam, and maximize the protection of staff.
  2. Work foot controller completely replace manual operation, it is more convenient.
  3. Automatic design, with automatic water / water / drainage / heating.
  4. Automatical rise when disinfection is complete, to ensure the safety of the staff.
  5. Working water level High/ Low: optional, with high-performance and more environmentally friendly.
  6. Automatic replenishment function with less water.
  7. Emergency protection key with a lift.


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