Hot air drying system series

Product Overview Hot air drying system is one of products from our company (patent number: 201020026377.1). It is the best combination of endoscope disinfection plasma. Compared with the traditional ordinary air gun blowing out cold air or moist gas, hot air drying system can blow up to 80 ℃ high temperature gas and filtered drying gas. Quickly dry endoscope surfaces, especially laparoscopic instruments inside the pipe where ordinary air gun can not dry. The hot air drying system can dry completely inner part of the pipeline. It can ensure the success rate of endoscopic plasma sterilization. Greatly improve the efficiency of plasma sterilization and reduce the energy losses.


  1. Mainly used in sterile supply room, operating room of endoscopy cleaning center and other departments.
  2. With wall-mounted and removable integrated for users to choose.
  3. Real-time temperature, and the temperature can be adjusted at any time observed.
  4. Wind pressure can be adjusted according to user needs.
  5. With automatic constant temperature, it can blow hot air at room temperature -80 ℃ adjustable
  6. Flexible and easy to operate, safe, humane air temperature.

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