Disinfection and drying series

Product Overview

YGZ series of high performance drying cabinet is designed and developed based on the market needs with a large-capacity. It can dry all kinds of instruments such as mirrors, wet bottles, scalpels, hemostats, tweezers, anesthesia catheters, dressing pipes, dishes before sterilization.

Applicable departments:

Suitable for sterile supply center, operating room, laboratory and other departments that need to dry items


It can handle 18 anesthesia / respiratory tubes or 14 standard instrument tray at one time. 


  1. First initiate electronically controlled door open and it will solve difficulty that the staff opening the door. Double-door open design;
  2. Removable pendants for threaded pipe and respiratory tubes;
  3. Reasonable air intake system structure and forced hot air circulation have solve the problem of slow drying or incomplete drying at the the lower part;
  4. Special pendant units that can be uninstalled for threaded pipes and ventilator tubes;
  5. Electric door locks, protection for over-temperature, over-voltage, leakage;
  6. Durable and high quality 304 stainless steel

Control system:

Digital control panel with touch surface and long service life.

It has three shortcuts, simple and flexible operation with high safety and stability.

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