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Life is too short

  • SumoMe

Life is long but like time, it can go by pretty fast when you’re not looking. So are you giving priority to the people who matter? Are you giving yourself the credit you truly deserve?

Life is too short

Life is too short to think that you always have to be on Instagram or Facebook. It’s too short for us to be obsessing over appearances and fussing over the social norms of being accepted. So let’s go back to basics and sieve out some things that shouldn’t be on our to-do lists.

Life is too short…

  1. to ignore your dreams
  2. to focus on what you don’t have
  3. to think you’re not good enough
  4. to live only within the walls of your office cubicle
  5. to react instead of responding
  6. to deny yourself of new experiences
  7. to dwell on the past
  8. to listen without understanding
  9. to not hang out over a cup of coffee
  10. to sacrifice happiness

What else is not on your to-do list? Tell us!


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