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5 Tips for a Comfortable Holiday Travel

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It’s the end of the year and it’s also the time when people are traveling more than ever. You’ve booked tickets to spend the New Year overseas, your sister is off to see the world with her friends, your brother is away on a business trip, your parents recently returned from a relaxing getaway over the weekend and your extended families are coming home for Christmas.

 Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Traveling over the holidays can be fun, but it’s also hectic. Just imagine the peak season prices, the crowds and the amount of lost luggage! Okay, let’s be optimistic here. We ease the pain as much as we can with these 5 tips for a comfortable holiday travel!

Check Your Travel Finances
Get the best deal by planning early. Head to Agoda,, Expedia or Zuji for travel deals and for accommodations, AirBNB, COMO Hotels and Resorts and The Luxe Nomad cater to different needs! Plan well so you can save up and set aside some cash to buy gifts for family and friends at home.

Pack Light
Remember those gifts? Make sure you’ve got ample of luggage space for them. Travel light so you don’t have to torture yourself with overweight luggage or crazy hand carry. Flight 001, Travel Muji, The Planet Traveller have really cool and essential travel accessories. Check out luggage choices at Samsonite and outdoor packs at The North Face too.

Pick Effective Transportation
Depending on the route, decide if should you be taking a plane to your next destination. Would it be more cost affective if you could go with a train ride or renting a car/motorbike? Or a taxi boat? Figure out which mode of transportation would be a better choice. Don’t only crunch the numbers, think about how easy you’ll be able to get to your destination as well!

Arrive Earlier
Not all airports are built equal. Give yourself some time to navigate through the various airport layouts. There could be travel delays during holiday periods and your flight could be overbooked. So arrive early to make new arrangements, negotiate for an upgrade or just chill out while you watch the rush go by.

Get Served Sooner
On board, special meals are served earlier. This means that you don’t have to wait to dine with the entire flight and 10 passengers aren’t waiting to use the lavatories at the same time. You’ll be able to stretch your limbs and take a walk when the aisles aren’t blocked by busy crew members serving meals too. You’re basically a meal ahead of everyone else and you aren’t caught in a feeding frenzy.

Now go ahead and fly easy with these tips!

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