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Being Honest: Holiday Fling

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Our guest contributor, Dahlia B., ventures to be as honest as she can with her experiences on love, life and relationships. All names have been changed to protect their identity.

A recent trip with a girlfriend surprised me when a third party came into the picture. Three’s a crowd didn’t apply to this particular scene. He was dumb as a brick, tall with broad shoulders and had washboard abs. It was a fantastic combination for a drunken weekend in Bangkok. I was getting sick and tired of waiting for a good time to travel with James – it never seemed to be a good time.

So I decided to do my own thing: I wasn’t looking to make any trouble but I couldn’t exclude the possibility either. After getting settled in the hotel and getting fantastically relaxed at a spa, we took our time getting ready for the night.

Holiday FlingGetting dressed can be just as sexy as getting naked. A sliver of thigh, bare shoulders, just an itty bitty towel and tensions were beginning to run high.

We cooled it off by heading out to meet some friends for an early dinner and some aperitifs. It may sound fancy, but it was more like roadside carts and cheap Chang beer – it couldn’t get any better than that.

Club-hopping was the agenda of the night, and we proceeded to get rather smashed with each passing club as we bought bottles and bottles of whiskey. The last club we went to for the night, was definitely the highlight, but it could be that we were so inebriated that everything sounded great.

My girlfriend became rather smitten with one of the guys we met in Bangkok and had gone off somewhere. She told me not to wait up so I could hazard a guess. Considering we didn’t actually care for the people we met up with, it was just down to the both of us.

Hightailing it out of there, we didn’t have to pressure the driver into speeding it up a little; they naturally have a lead foot on the accelerator. Once we were in the room, it seemed like the situation shook us up a little.

I headed to the bathroom to take a shower and he took off his shirt before turning the TV on. I needed to think straight and turned the shower onto cold before proceeding to warm myself up. Of course once I was much more awake, I realised that I didn’t bring in a change of clothes and would have to either put on what I had or walk out in a towel.

I was in no mood to put up a fuss and just walked out to get what I needed. I could feel his eyes on me and I asked if he would be taking a shower. Not yet, was his response. I turned around and clutched at the nightshirt I loved wearing to bed and dropped the towel.

Not taking our eyes off each other, I slipped it on and then proceeded to slide into bed. He was sitting by the desk, watching me – not moving a muscle. I turned away from him and closed my eyes, thinking it was good that nothing was going to happen. I could be good when needed – even if I had yet to call James. Apparently though, all I did was drag out the tension.

All he could think about was me in that shower, me putting on the nightshirt, and laying in bed with absolutely nothing else. He had turned off the television at this point and was moulded to my back. I stretched my legs out a little and he groaned as I had inadvertently ground into him further and that was the little push, which sent us over the edge.

For a guy who didn’t have too many brain cells to rub together, he did like to converse, so much so that it made my mind drift. He kept asking, ‘Why me?’, which was a bit of a downer and guilt started to cloud over me for a few seconds. Then he hit an angle that made my toes curl and all was forgotten.

In the morning, we looked like two little angels, curled up in bed with all of our clothes on when my girlfriend finally came back. She asked if we were good. I only said yes, though I breathed out a no, as he looked at me, lips thin. The guilt was starting to stack up and I wanted to stop playing this one-sided game.

I started to wonder if I could actually do that.

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