Inspiring Conversations, Singapore’s first confession aggregator

  • SumoMe, Singapore’s first confession aggregator, is a compilation of over 30,000 confessions and counting from around Singapore.

Confessions range from the inane to the important, the self-indulgent to idiotic, but one’s thing’s for sure, Confesslah is addictive.

Here’s a compilation of 10 stellar confessions from Confesslah. Think of it as our very own Confesslah list of the best Confesslah confessions. So meta.


Confesslah_SB Seat

Confesslah - say again

confesslah - nafa fishabll

Confesslah_Nerd Herd

Confesslah_Gay Guy 59

Confesslah_Bowel Movement

Confesslah_Feather in CAP

Confesslah_Security Blanket

Confesslah_What The Heck?




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