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Bar Stories on Haji Lane: No menu, only good cocktails and conversation

  • SumoMe

When a friend suggested meeting for drinks at Bar Stories I thought it would be an obscenely overpriced, pretentious joint, where we go home at the end of the night barely buzzed but broke.

I was wrong.

Located on the second level, Bar Stories is tucked away from the painfully trendy Haji Lane below. Lights are dim; décor is cozy, the mixologists say hi as you enter. It feels like coming home – the dream home I have in my head – men in aprons making me endless alcoholic beverages in a shophouse…

Bar Stories - Yuzu Martini

Don’t ask for the drinks menu, there isn’t one. Instead, tell the wait staff or mixologist (depending if you’re seated at a table or bythe bar) what you want and a cocktail will be shaken and stirred to your fancy.

Not sure what to order? Helpful wait staff and mixologists will talk you through the process. They’ll ask you what you like, or maybe even what you don’t like, to help narrow your options down. You could even ask for less sugar if you’re not one for a sweet drink but don’t say “Can I have 25% sugar?” – this is not KOI.

Bar Stories - Grape Martini

The drinks I’ve had at Bar Stories have been non-regrettably delicious. The Yuzu Martini topped with fragrant dill flower is a dream and the Grape Martini with torched thyme on the side is heavenly.

Bar Stories - Crostini Bar - Grilled Steak Crostini

What’s a tipple without tidbits? Bar Stories serves a range of crostinis and light bites from the restaurant group’s Crostini Bar below. Food, fortunately, is listed on a menu. I really enjoyed the Steak Crostini and Crispy Flowers (fried cauliflower florets!). I hear the Steak Tartare is a popular choice but I haven’t tried. Oh well, another reason to return.


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