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Roam7, travelling advice from your social network

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Get travel reviews, recommendations and experiences from your social network – all at the click of a button!

Meeting new people, indulging in different cultures and backgrounds, gorging on a feast for the senses in a totally new country – what’s not to love about travel? I’ll be the first to admit, that I easily fall in wanderlust. One great picture, a story told by a friend and I’m sold.

So when I was asked to check out the beta site, Roam7 – I was rather excited. A social travel network, it allows you to check out which countries your friends have visited, the experiences they’ve had and the places they went to. That got me hooked, because isn’t that what a social travel website should be: linking people from around the world, getting recommendations from friends and in essence making the world a smaller place?

Integrated with Facebook, this free-to-use platform turns your friends’ travel photo albums into travel stories and they don’t even have to be Roam7 users. You also don’t have to re-upload your own photos to the site once you have synced it with your own account. Doesn’t mean you can’t if you wanted to though!


Using the Plan function – I tried Munich, Germany and instantaneously, I was taken to a list of who has been there, where they stayed, dining options, as well as attractions and activities based on their check-ins and photos. Clicking on the Ask About link pops up a private Facebook message box to get their advice.

Still in the beta stage, I do have to say that the design could be a little sleeker and the useability functions could be improved on, but the concept is something that I’m excited about, especially with the up-and-coming functions. Travel experiences from your friends will be compiled into travel advice based on your social graph – all without them even lifting a finger. You can follow your favourite places and eventually create a wishlist. A mobile application is also in the works.

To try it out for yourself, why don’t you head on over to

Give us your feedback too. What do you think of this social travel network? Comment here or head on over to their Facebook page to do so.


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