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A Crash Course 101

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We’ve loved Crash Course on YouTube for a while but we loved it more when it released its crash course on Literature last week!

If you aren’t already a Crash Course fan, here’s a 101 on why you should become one. Pay attention.

1) Crash Course is free and current enrollment stands at 371,303. It’s a YouTube channel started by Vlogbrothers John and Hank Green who specialize in world history and biology, respectively.

2) When was the last time anyone made The Agricultural Revolution this interesting?

3) Each episode features John or Hank Green speed talking about the subject matter for, on average, 11 minutes, with the aid of amazing graphics.

4) Crash Course is like educational Gilmore Girls. 

5) Crash Course is presented in a funny and engaging manner.

6) Humor is employed in a few ways. Some examples: 1) the presenter often talks to the crew invisible to the audience so it looks like he’s talking to himself and 2) calling the “floopity-flop” atop the traditional Mongolian headgear a “floopity-flop” and then saying, “That’s the technical term by the way. I’m a historian.”

7) But the content is not inane. Topics are interesting and sometimes even thought-provoking: “So the Mongols promoted trade,diversity and tolerance, and they also promoted slaughter and senseless destruction and what you think about the Mongols ends up saying a lot about you. Do you value artistic output over religious diversity? Is imperialism than doesn’t last better or worse than imperialism that does? And are certain kinds of warfare inherently wrong? If you think those are easy questions to answer then I haven’t been doing my job.”

8) The episode Wait For It… The Mongols! is really good.

9) An episode like The Sex Lives of Nonvascular Plants is completely SFW.

10) Crash Course now covers Literature!


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