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Social Sickness

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It’s one of my pet peeves: people texting, making calls or scanning their social networks when we get together. Why then, did you ask me out for a coffee, if you are going to stare at your phone? I’m old-school. I might have a smart phone, but I sometimes even forget to take it out of my bag when I sit down to chat with someone – because I’m ALREADY socialising with someone. Don’t get me wrong, I love social networks but some people have got it bad. Do you?

Check out this infographic brought to us by the people from Column Five and Marketo to see what symptoms you have. Are you a serial grammar nazi, an affectionate ‘liker’ or an itchy constant checker? I have to admit, I’m a Liker but I append this confession, with the fact that I try to text or call this person (if you’re close to me)  if it’s something worthwhile!

[Click the image for a bigger picture!]

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