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Top 5 Reasons Melbourne Trumps Sydney

  • SumoMe

Coffee? Check. Cuisine? Check. Cinema? Check. Melbourne has fittingly been nominated as Australia’s cultural capital, teeming with intimate bars, exclusive boutiques and creative restaurants. While Sydney may boast possession of the Opera House and 188 miles of glorious coastline, here are the top 5 things that Melbourne has over Sydney.

By guest contributor, Zahra Campbell

1.  Street Art: Melburnians don’t have to wait for the likes of Vivid, Outpost or the latest offerings at the White Rabbit Gallery: back alleys in Melbourne are adorned with a number of artists’ greatest works.

2. Speaking of Laneways: Melbourne’s back alleys are home to art galleries, cafés, hidden bars and shops. Plus they have cool names like AC/DC Lane, Romeo Alley and Dame Edna Place. Sydney’s alleys are famous for dog poop, vomit and hobos.

3.  Friendly Locals: Admit it, you’ve said, “No habla ingles” when a tourist has asked you for directions. No? Maybe it’s just me then. Melburnians, on the other hand, are so eager to give you directions that some of them stand around in red shirts hoping that they’ll be asked.

4.  Small Bars: Melbourne is arguably the inventor of the small bar scene. Look for the most hipsteresque-looking person you can see, and ask for a recommendation. The coolness index of small bars in Melbourne is more variable than the NYSE.

5.  Coffee: I’ll bet I’m not the first person to tell you that Melburnians take their coffee seriously. Home to the first espresso machine in Australia (apparently!) Melburnians are coffee snobs, and not ashamed to admit it. If you can’t tell a good coffee from a bad one, the folks at Seven Seeds will set you right with a free ‘cupping’ (blind coffee tasting) session.


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