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Being Honest: Belief

  • SumoMe

Dahlia B., our newest guest contributor, ventures to be as honest as she can with her experiences on love, life and relationships. All names have been changed to protect their identity.

A friend of mine recently became engaged because she told her long time boyfriend that she would break up with him if he didn’t marry her. He just looked over at her and said okay, let’s get married. She then made him propose in a proper fashion and in 6 months time, Jasmine will be walking down the aisle in a Vera Wang dress and a concocted story of a romantic wedding proposal. It isn’t cavemen who club their women on the heads to bring them back to their caves anymore. Oh no, the women have bigger clubs these days.

Then there’s another friend I have, David, who lives in London and he’s one of the few last great romantics left. I do believe that if he had met Jasmine, he would have swept her off her feet with one of the most romantic proposals ever. Unfortunately he’s single, not by choice, but by unfortunate circumstance. It’s always just the wrong time and place for him. And he’s the kind of guy who would buy flowers for no apparent reason.

So forgive me if I sometimes think soul mates are a joke. And then there are times where I think soul mates are something you evolve into.

Not everybody gets married for love, sometimes it’s necessity and sometimes it’s culture. Arranged marriages are still prevalent today in many societies – even western ones. An acquaintance had recently shared a story of her grandparents whose arranged marriage happened exactly 62 years ago. Recently her grandfather, who has dementia, had his 83rd birthday and he refused to eat because his wife was in the hospital due to a bout of pneumonia. He only ate because his family promised that they would visit her after dinner.

When he saw her, his faded eyes lit up. All they did was hold hands for the longest of times as they communicated to each other without words. It ended with a kiss and a hug and a quiet mention of love.

That doesn’t make me believe in soul mates or The One, but just pure love all over again.

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