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SMART Resolutions

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Penny is here to be your personal cheerleader as you follow-through on your new SMART resolutions. 

It’s the second week of January and I’m pretty sure that many of you have already broken most of your newly minted resolutions! Wanting to lose weight but you’ve already gone through two boxes of chocolate and have yet to make it to the gym? Want to save up, but you keep spending cash on cabs and impulse purchases?

It’s best to admit this whilst it’s still early on instead of carrying on till June when you think, oh well, there’s always next year. I’ve been there. While people may console you with “better late than never” you have to give yourself a shakedown and ask yourself if you’re serious about wanting a change. If you are, well you have to start from the very beginning and Penny is right here to impart the SMART way of making sure your resolutions are realised – dont’ worry, it’ll be quick and almost pain-free.

1) Part of the reason why so many of us lose sight of our goals so quickly is that it’s not Specific enough. If your goal is to lose weight, how much of it do you want to lose? If you want to save money, how much of it? Being specific in your goal is the first definitive step to making a fully functional plan.

2) Now that you’ve specified how much money you want to save it, and what countries you want to visit in that grand tour of Europe you want to do within a span of 3 weeks, how are you going to Measure it? Do you need to put together a timetable to see how many times a week you go to the gym and for how long? Do you check your accounts on a weekly/monthly basis and keep track of expenditure? What processes have you put into place to make sure you stay on track and maintain it?

3) & 4) You’ve identified goals and made resolutions that are highly important to you, even phrasing things in a positive manner to get you in the right frame of mind, but do you really think they are Attainable and Realistic? The attainability factor needs a positive mindset and attitude so that you develop the necessary traits and discipline to get there, whilst the other needs a practical focus. Saying you want to lost 20 pounds by the end of the month is NOT realistic.

5) Lastly, put a specific Time-frame to it. Face it, someday isn’t just going to happen, you have to make it a particular day. It has to be something along the lines of: “By October 10th, I will be debt free because I would have paid it off with $500 installments each month.” or “I want to lost 5kgs each quarter by going to the gym twice a week and cutting down on my chocolate intake by having only one Snicker bar a week.” Now that is being specific and time-bound.

See, it wasn’t too bad, was it? Ask as many questions as possible so that you get down to the real nitty-gritty. The more tangible it is, the more achievable it is. So it’s okay if you’ve fallen off the wagon and you need to rethink those resolutions, just don’t give up! A positive change in your life can only mean good things.

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