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We were always taught to say “yes” when someone asks to borrow our crayons in kindergarten. Ah, such young and impressionable toddlers we were. But many years and unpleasant occasions later where we’ve lost precious music from our CD collections just because some bugger thought it was OK to borrow them and never return them again, we learn the hard way that those “yes-es” would result in lawsuits. Simply because if this were a petty world we’d all be suing for damages in lost property and negligence.  Here’s some items that Penny C has loaned and lost throughout the years. What are yours?

Penny C laments.

Books & Magazines

Like any avid reader, I like my books in the most pristine condition possible. The covers must be blemish-free; the corners have to be crisp and spines intact. When my friends read my books they always knew to read them at a clean 35° angle so the spine won’t crease and the pages don’t tear away. Books are my friends and so you’d better not hurt them. The same goes for magazines. My soul hurts whenever I see someone with my magazine, all visibly browsed through like yesterday’s tabloid paper and curled forcefully under their arm. Have you no heart?

Music CDs

Remember the day we used to sit around a bulky stereo system, flipping through CD sleeves for pictures, lyrics and listening to the entire album of a band who had only released 3 radio hits? Those were days. Those were also the days I used to loan music but stopped and panicked when Mariah Carey’s Butterfly album was returned to me with a mysterious scratch on the CD case. No one scratches my album cases and gets away with it! Well, okay, this one did. But what about the time when a friend returned Jamie’s Cullum’s TwentySomething without the booklet!? Talk about being bitten once and becoming twice as shy. Are you kidding me? So now I’ve switched to iTunes. It’s a stressful thing to share music the good ol’ way. Don’t even me started on cassette tapes. Missing pieces and plastic abrasions. No more, no more!


This used to happen so much that I gave up expecting any of my stationery to be returned. It’s like how a passenger on a plane asks to borrow a pen from an air stewardess – and never returns it. If I’ve got a pen on me, it’s pretty obvious that I’ll be needing it too right? Pens are mightier than swords and I take that very literally. Take my light sabers away from me forever and I’ll come back wielding a machete.


Fortunately for me these have always been returned! Headphones, speakers, cameras, iPad, computers…if books are my friends, technology’s my baby and I prefer to care for it myself and not leave them in “day care”. Nah it’s not you, it’s me. It’s my bleeding anxiety issues. I go crazy when I know my loves are with another. The touch of foreign fingers swiping and tapping the screen, whispering softly (sometimes incredibly loud) into the ears of another, serenading another out in the open…no…no, please don’t do this to me!

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  1. Pretty pictures!

    I’ve lost the usual. But I also have a book or two that I borrowed from someone years ago…… Oops!

  2. denise /

    every once in a while i mourn the loss of my much beloved

    Enid Blyton series
    Mallory Towers
    The Naughtiest Girl

    WHO TOOK THEM??:(:(

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