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La Sardina Caviar Edition

  • SumoMe

The first La Sardina clones built of long lasting brass and delicately ornamented with engravings and a delicious design, cherishing the king of seafood: Caviar! Aptly named Czar and Beluga, both share a shiny golden brass outfit.

Introduced in summer, La Sardina combines sweet design and easy handling for a great every day camera that captures wide angle pictures. Not only that; processing is made easy due to the regular format of the shots. Accompanied by Fritz the Blitz, the can’t-do-without flash, La Sardina will make your photos shine.

Czar is outfitted in blue and a compass with its gold exterior and Beluga in royal red and gold.

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Technical Specs


Film Type: Standard 135 roll film

Exposure area: 36 x 24mm

Lens focal length: 22 mm

Aperture: 1:8

Angle of view: 88 degrees

Focusing range: 0.6m – infinity

Shutter speed: N (1/100), B (bulb)

Multiple exposure: independent MX switch

Flash contact: Unique Sardina flash contact

Flash Sync: First curtain X-type synchronization

Tripod socket thread: Standard ¼” tripod socket

Cable release: Universal cable release socket

What is Lomography?

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