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Now that the word “vagina” is no longer taboo, you can have entire conversations about vaginas instead of just monologues. Here, we spare a little thought for feminine hygiene.

By Penny K

A few days ago, the Associated Press reported that the vagina (yes, I said it) is becoming big business in American TV.

Apart from the fact that we can now discuss things like vajazzling (bedazzling of the pubic area, a craze started by the equally crazy Jennifer Love Hewitt) more openly, we shouldn’t miss out on important issues concerning vaginal health.

Your v-zone changes through your seven distinct life stages (as a foetus, as a newborn, as a child, as an adolescent, as a pregnant mother, in your post-childbearing and your menopausal years) and is the hot spot for some of the most pleasurable and painful years of your life so you might as well pay some attention to it.

No need to talk about what happens down south – we can all agree the area is susceptible to infections. In addition, the pH of your intimate area is naturally acidic (between 3.5 to 5.5) and it is maintaining that balance that keeps it healthy.

Regular soaps, however, can be harsh and disturb the fragile balance of the intimate area.

There’s hope yet in Lactacyd’s Intimate Daily Wash, a feminine hygiene wash that is delicate enough for daily use and yet not so aggressive that it strips off the vagina’s natural protective barrier.

Lactacyd contains natural active ingredients from milk extracts (lactic acid), produced naturally by your body to protect your intimate area. It is gentle but ensures effective cleansing and protects against irritations and burning sensations. It gives off a light, powdery fragrance leaving you feeling fresh as a daisy all day!

Take good care of your v-zone, and it will be good to you too!

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