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Spontaneous Lindsey Stirling

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If you’ve been following us closely on Twitter and Facebook, you’ll know that music rocks our theme all September! So as we were sharing interesting music trivia and quirks with our readers, one very spunky girl caught our eye. She’s been dubbed the Epic Violin Girl and when you watch violinist Lindsey Stirling perform, you’ll immediately agree too. She’s fast with the fiddle and quick on her feet – so quick that it’s difficult to even take good screen shots!

Ever since I was a little kid I have been extremely creative and I love to put a fun twist on every aspect of life. As a little girl I loved wearing costumes to school, I enjoyed writing plays for the neighborhood kids, sewed costumes, and now I enjoy jazzing up my classical violin skills with some rock and hip hop. – Lindsey Stirling

She really is rather Epic.


Watch Lindsey do hip hop on her violin!

hip hop violin right round from Psycho-Musik on Vimeo.

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