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Lucia in the Sky with Diamonds

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Only 17 and Australian fashion photographer Lucia Pang is breathing her own brand of magic into the world with beautiful photographs. At 15, she won the People’s Choice national photo award (YouthWeek) and was selected to grace one of the most prestigious fashion workshops held by Teen Vogue in the United States.

Her inspirations are supplemented with a whimsical imagination that unveils life a little differently to her – a life that’s magical, spontaneous and filled with fascinating nooks and crannies for her to explore. She doesn’t follow mainstream music and dreams to photograph for NYLON. Lucia Pang Photography is her gem and she’s always eager to collaborate with creative minds to develop original and imaginative photography for the world to see.  She reminds me of a modern flower child drizzled with mellow maturity with a vivid curiosity for adventures armed with some kick-ass skills in photography. Come and meet Lucia, you’ll want to be friends too.

Penny C gets in touch.

We’re a curious bunch. Tell us everything we need to know about you & Lucia Pang Photography

I am seventeen years of age, currently in the eleventh grade and been photographing professionally since fifteen. Photography is just a result from a simple action: I just picked a camera and began capturing. It’s funny though, I don’t like the art subject my school has to offer and both my parents work in finance. I live in Sydney, Australia on the border of the suburbs and the city and I know everywhere like the back of my hand because I’ve explored and wondered to basically all the places I live near at some point!

Is it the way you work with models and collaborators? Or the way your pictures turn out? What exactly makes Lucia Pang Photography unique?

I like to think it’s a combination of the two. I love working and sharing ideas with other creative artists more than anything else and I think if you form a wonderful bond and connection between the collaborators, then the pictures will turn out pretty magical.

Lots of planning, coordinating and dreaming is involved when creating work that’s new and fresh. What’s your creative process like?

It really depends on what I’m photographing for. For test shoots and portfolio work, it’s more of a loose, relaxed process. Sometimes I’m not really sure of the concept until we get there on the day and I will just photograph whatever pops up in my head. Other times, it’s much more structured especially if I’m photographing for a company, a label or a client. I’m responsible for thinking up of the concept, finding a location and sometimes you have to do all this under a tight budget so it’s a lot of work but something I will always enjoy doing.

Describe your personal style/fashion philosophy.

My personal style fashion wise really depends on what I’m feeling. I’m very into vintage though, it’s always an accomplishment when I find something great in an op shop. I have everything from boho to edgy pieces and I mix and match them a lot to find a balance. That’s probably what I would describe my style – “mix and matched”.

Who/what inspires you?

Life, everyday people and my mind/imagination are my biggest inspirations. I don’t tend to read magazines or blogs anymore because I think it’s easy to be influenced by them without realizing and I sort of want to develop a style that has been evolved by something I dreamt or thought up of in my head. I also tend to get inspired by words. It’s usually passages of text that doesn’t even make sense but they do often spark an idea visually for me.

Which movie character would best describe you and why?

Hmm, I don’t know. It’s a really good question, I haven’t thought about it. My favourite movie is How To Deal though and I can relate to Mandy Moore’s character in one way or another; not really the situation she goes through but the way she sees and deals with things.

Freedom, love and youth are prominent themes in your photography. Would these themes evolve in the future as your skills, as well as time, progresses?

It is definitely something I will always be photographing. I can’t really imagine capturing anything else. However, they are big themes that I always love to twist and play around with so I guarantee I won’t ever be bored.

If you could critic your own work, what would you say?

To be honest, I’m never really fond of my photos which I can see as a good thing because I would always be improving and stepping up. My style has evolved a lot recently because I’m always experimenting. But lately, I’ve been going to meetings with labels who are interested in collaborating and they are pulling out more of my personal work, pictures I took in my bedroom and backyard for fun, and saying those are their absolute favourites. So I would probably say to myself to stick more to the photographic style that’s closer to heart because at the end of the day, that has more emotion and life.

That’s sweet. What kind of people would you love to collaborate with?

I have collected a list of people/models that I want to photograph over the past year and they include Ali Michael, Astrid Bergès Frisbey, Elle Fanning, the Olsen twins and Lily Collins. I’d also love to shoot for NYLON magazine (I hardly read magazines but I do admire their style), Wildfox Couture because I love their energy and Alexander Wang because the clothes are ridiculously irresistible.

Other than fashion related themes, what else do you love to capture with your camera?

I like to capture people first and foremost. I love people watching and to photograph everyday, oblivious people who are unknowingly doing what they do best. Last Christmas, I spent about two weeks on a summer roadtrip going from one beach town to the next and it was incredible just getting to capture life and human nature as it is.

Where would you love to travel to 1. for work and 2. for leisure?

For work, Angeles and/or New York because it is where everything happens and where dreams you’ve lived comes true in front of your eyes. Especially for the fashion/entertainment industry, the cities are just filled with opportunities and inspiration is buzzing around everywhere.

For leisure, I really love to go around Europe (Paris, Italy) or even Asia where everything is beautiful and green. I’m also saving up for London at the moment so we’ll see how that goes!

What’s in your music playlist?

One of my hobbies is to discover YouTube, unsigned or not very well known artists or anyone I’m recommended to. I don’t tend to keep up with the radio and top charts. love Lisa Leob, Leona Naess, He Is We, Meg and Dia, Jamestown Story and Jillian Edwards, and also recently I’ve been addicted to Youtube stars such as Conor Maynard and James Johnston, who’s a friend of mine.

We have to check out those acts too. Besides capturing dreamy photography, what other hidden talents do you have?

Photography is probably the only talent I have discovered! I’m pretty flexible from being a child ballerina and years of gymnastics and dance training so that’s something. I’m also not ticklish; I consider that a talent, hah!

What’s next for you and for Lucia Pang Photography?

Right now, I have many many collaborations coming with brilliant designers and labels. But other than that, in the future, I don’t really know which is actually pretty exciting. I plan but I never know what I’ll end up!

Where else can we see more of your work?

My official website but I will blog about anything and everything at Ellepa.

How else can we and everybody else reading this interview contact you?

Send me an email at, add me on Facebook or even send me a message on Twitter as I’m a major Twitterholic!

And with so many more years ahead of you Lucia, we wish you well in everything you set your mind and camera too!

All photography images belong to Lucia Pang.

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