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Dear Junior letter

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Dear Junior,

You remember how the Back From The Future movie trilogy works right? Well I’m writing to you from the future and yes, you grow to be meddlesome like that. It’s also a Monday and I’m feeling sleepy, hungry and inert because of my day job. You’ll be astonished at what you do these days.

Simple commentaries aside, there are some stuff I need to tell you. Things your family, teachers, friends and the people who looked at you with funny eyes never told you. About the funny looks, I don’t get them anymore so there’s a high chance that yeah, you probably were weird looking as a kid. Besides sharing with you lessons you should have been aware of back then, I want to thank you for being you. For being an individual who didn’t want to fit in with the other kids at school and at the same time, the girl who couldn’t tell the difference. You’re just right for a place like Singapore.

1. You didn’t worry about your grades at school

Which was cool because academic achievements can only get you so far. When you leave school, it’s true that you can choose do whatever you want. It all depends on how bold you are to pursue it. Singapore needs more of these creatives. So besides your final tertiary level exams, the only other times you really bothered with your grades were during the major nation wide examinations – your PSLE and O’ Levels. But ya know, everything in moderation works and that brings me to the next point….


Scream Duck
by Colleen

Could you please at least instill some sense of urgency in the adolescent me, you slacker child? When peers were burning tubs of midnight oils for a paper, you were asleep. Even in races where people ran to win, you … oh my goodness you called that a dash to the finish line? You kept up with Singapore at a leisurely speed but I wish you could panic a teeny bit more. Gets the blood pumping, you know.

3. Please enjoy the playgrounds more

Dragon Playground
by Justin Zhuang

Do it. Even though you were afraid of falling through the spaces that formed the body of this Dragon playground. If no one would take you, go on your own because most playgrounds now take the kampong joy out of it all. The sand’s all gone and the one by your HDB block has been through so many make overs it currently looks like a clinical rehab facility for kids. There are some parts of it even I don’t know how to use – where’s the slide? Do I slide down this long, ridiculous winding tube? Where are the swings?! You’ll grow to understand how playgrounds can put you off.

4. You believed in the idea of fairies and Fa La La La Las

This, I must salute you because despite knowing that Santa Claus and faeries aren’t exactly true (OH THE HORRORS), you held on to them. Reality depressed you and these elements of fantasy which weaved themselves ever so intricately into your life have done you good. They give you opportunities to flee from the mundane reality easily and effortlessly; bet you wouldn’t have guessed that you’d be dabbling greatly in escapism as years go by. And as you grow wiser, imagination will keep you alive in a utilitarian Singapore.

5.Thanks for complaining

We all complain and as Singaporeans, man it’s a skill. One thing we complained about was the atrocious public toilets we had, remember? But yay for the day you were randomly selected to participate in a survey about Singapore as a kid and thank goodness you listed the problem of icky public toilets as one of things to improve in Singapore. Today, most of our public toilets are the bomb because I like to think that you voiced your thoughts with a pen.

Though Singapore 2011 has been pretty exciting with all the political elections going on and nation wide discussions about them among generations that are well educated, opinionated and funny, penning answers in surveys isn’t enough. Now we know it’s possible to be proactive and get things done as a community, knowing we’ll be heard because even back then, a child’s complain held weight. What more of an adult’s?

6. Where did you keep that other piggy bank again?

Thank you for saving up and never leaving that little piggy hungry. Like inflation rates, what goes up don’t always come down and being able to have savings in Singapore is critical if anyone wants to lead a comfy life. So this is me, tapping onto our reserves 20 years later. Higher living standards, rising transportation costs are a couple of things that are growing with Singapore’s capabilities. You’d better believe the hype. Now back to the burning question, where’s the other piggy you have?

So you, my dear, are the future of Singapore and there’s no other better way to live life.

Penny C

All images, otherwise stated, are from We Heart It.

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