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This movie might just be The Hangover’s female counterpart. As sweet and proper as the title Bridesmaids sounds, it’s everything it’s not. It tells a tale about Annie’s (Kristen Wiig) struggle through a bad patch in her life and is met with an onslaught of misfortune and misery.

Penny C reviews.

Annie grows jealous of the friendship between her best friend Lilian (Maya Rudolph) and gorgeous yet upstaging fellow bridesmaid, Helen (Rose Byrne). Her relationship with men is going no where and her flatmates aren’t the best kind around. With her faith in relationships waning, working to sell engagement rings in a jewellry store proves hazardous.  Her failings in life and love drives her into a corner where if it got any worse, I’m sure her sky would fall.

Bridesmaids trudged its way through the plot with story detours that seemed to take forever to make its point across the big screen. Thankfully the plot made good progress as Annie’s sad situation unfolds and we slowly learn that her ill decisions and manners in expressing  her frustrations aren’t only detrimental to her but also to the lives and emotions of people around her as well.  Most noticeably Lilian’s, whose engagement party and bridal shower are ruined because of Annie’s unhappiness in her life and jealousy towards fellow upstaging bridesmaid, Helen. At this point I discover that wait, isn’t this show about bridesmaids? Why is it revolved around the life of one bridesmaid – Annie? Am I being played here? Though a series of unfortunate events haunt Annie, she manages to stop feeling sorry for herself and tries to get things right, one small step at a time.

I sat there in the movie theatre, feeling rather irked by Annie, whose success in tearing her life apart single-handedly is truly impressive. But on second thoughts, this character was ‘real-er’ then any other comedic character I’ve seen. Like her, we all go through bad patches and feel that nothing can ever go right.  Some of us recover quickly, others take many painful punches to the face a long time before recovering. That made me realise that there’s a little Annie hiding in every one of us. An Annie that gets hurt, reacts impulsively and feels that she doesn’t deserve a love that can be sweeter than anything else that she has experienced.

This is an Annie that believes all is hopeless until she is forced to end her pity party and get out there to make things right again. Despite certain tedious scenes that could have me sedated right there and then, Bridesmaids achieves a pang of empathy and poignancy through comedy. Not too bad!

Bridesmaids Official Trailer

Yep: Annie’s hilarious antics as she tries to catch the attention of Officer Nathan Rhodes (Chris O’Dowd) her potential love interest, in helping her to locate her ‘missing’ best friend.
I thought this movie was about bridesmaids!
3 out of 5

Thanks goes out to OMY for the movie tickets! :)

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