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DJ Mamy Rock: Dame of the Decks

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At age 71, Ruth Flowers, or DJ Mamy Rock, is truly one of a kind. She rocks fresh kicks, cool shades and silver hair and drops sick beats. We speak to the dame of the decks.

By Penny K

Image courtesy of SPOA & Evolution

Some people are meant to retire comfortably at age 71 but some, like Ruth Flowers, are meant never to sit down or be quiet for too long.

How DJ Mamy Rock was born

Five years ago, one day, Ruth’s grandson invited her to his birthday party at a club. She was all for it but the doorman thought her out of place.

Ruth recalled, “The doorman said, “I don’t think you will want to go in there”, I replied that I certainly would as it was my grandson’s party.”

So in she went and experienced the best anti-ageing treatment ever.

“It was a revelation. An energising mix of lights, heavy bass, electronics… I adored it. It was so different from the dances and parties I used to go to when I was younger. There was a real osmosis between the music and the lights. It energised me and made me feel so much younger!”

Ruth told her grandson she wanted to become a DJ and he gave her his 100 percent support.

But she never envisioned she’d become the star she is today.

“Yes, the idea of becoming a DJ was germinated that night but it was to be in a small way, certainly not the huge success it has become.”

Going places

Ruth owes her success to a young French producer, Orel Simon, whom she was introduced through an acquaintance. He met Ruth and decided to her take to Paris where she learnt how to mix with professional DJs.

Ruth found mixing daunting at first, but after much practice, was able to master the procedure and started playing at a few small gigs.

She received her big break when she performed at the 2009 Cannes film festival.

“I was apprehensive but it was quite amazing how well they received me, from then on we have been to many countries, playing at the most prestigious clubs and music festivals around the world.”

In fact, she will be performing at the MoveMove Singapore 2011 at Fort Canning Park in a matter of days.

A balance of energy

Ruth breaks the generational gap by playing mixes of house and electro with tunes from the 40s and 50s. Watching the dancing youth of today makes her recall how much she enjoyed the weekly dances of her younger days.

And this granny has no bones to pick about the night work. “I am quite nocturnal. I only need 5 hours’ sleep a night,” she said.

In more sedate moments of her life, Ruth does grandmotherly things such as drink tea or take long walks while meditating. Well, life needs its balance of chaos and quiet.

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