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A DJ in the Making: DJ Izzy

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At Penny’s Daybook, we absolutely love it when we stumble on a gem and love it even more when people share their hobbies with us. Isaac Chan, also known as DJ Izzy, has been mixing up some of the most popular pop music that has greased the dance floors into heady tracks that instantly makes you want to party. We won’t deny, it also helps to keep you pretty awake while you’re slaving away in the office.

Calling himself a bedroom-DJ; he has been releasing his mixes since January this year, garnering more fans each time. His most successful mix reached over 700 downloads!

Click here for his latest mix.

We thought that we would get in touch with him and ask him just a couple of questions.

1. How did you get into DJing?
I have a diploma in Classical Piano and Grade 8 in Music Theory. I guess since young as I was studying music, I got to know about chords, progressions and how classical music influences the pop songs of today. I guess it was more of a stepping stone, transiting from classical to modern

2. Are you currently under the tutelage of someone?

Yup, i’m currently under the guidance of DJ Andrew Tang, resident DJ of Play Bar and Club. Before that he was spinning at the Living Room @ Marriot Hotel.

I love being under his tutelage. He doesn’t just give me technical tips on the turntables, but he orientates me on the history of the deejay industry in Singapore, as well as music elements that gets the crowd jumping!

3. What inspires your mixes?

To me, inspiration comes directly from the listeners’/clubbers’ perspective. I’ve been a clubber since legal age, so I guess that many years on the dance floor gets me to understand what the crowd wants. Also, helps to keep yourself relevant by listening to the radio and hunting for club mixes online.

4. Do you reckon you’d want to go into DJing full-time or is it a hobby?

For now, I’d say it’ll be a hobby. I’d be glad to spin for corporate events or small functions. My heart is still with the media, specifically, in the PR sector of Singapore. Music has always been a big part of my life growing up, so DJ-ing is a way of carthasis if you will.

5. Are your spinning anywhere?

Well I’m currently spinning from my bedroom! But my goal is to spin for a live crowd by the end of the year. Play perhaps, that’s if my mentor thinks I’m ready. DJ Andrew, I hope you read this!

6. Where can we find your mixes?

M mixsets are found on my Facebook fan page: DJ Izzy, my next mixset should probably be in early July! I try to release one mixset each month! It’s ideal for gymming, long distance running or even mugging. My fans all attest that the thumping beats keeps their brains functional… or awake.

7. When you’re partying where can we usually find you?

Find me at Play Bar & Club. I’m usually there on Saturdays. I’ve got a group of friends whom have been there for me since day one, the staff are superbly friendly and are non-judgemental. Also, I frequently head to the DJ console, as DJ Andrew might give spontaneous tips on live spinning.

8. What’s your favourite drink?

Frangelico Coke. My best friend recommended that. A well-mixed Mohjito too, PS Cafe’s version ain’t bad!

9. Current favourite song from your mix?

Wow, there are a bunch, i’ll name three. Sophie Ellis Baxtor’s Starlight (JRMX Mix), Flo Rida feat. Akon’s Who Dat Girl (Promise Land Mix) and Adele’s Set Fire to the Rain (Moto Blanco Mix).

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  1. Hi Penny’s Daybook,

    thanks for the interview!

    Dear readers, if you’re interested in downloading my previous mixsets and keep yourself up to date with future ones, LIKE my facebook page @ DJ Izzy Facebook Page

    DJ Izzy aka Isaac

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