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8 Ways To Pick Yourself Up

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No point in replaying the scenes of “Why did I do that?” or “If I hadn’t done that, I would’ve…” Game’s over! No one said it was easy and no, life never promised our days to be smooth going and carefree. But what someone did say is that we’re above our circumstances we’re in control. When life decides to trip you up, refrain from punching it in the face. Instead, let out an “Oh, well”, pick yourself up and dust yourself off.

Penny C relates.

1. Understand Where You Came From

Instead of dwelling on unhappiness, look back and understand what went wrong; what made you fall. Sure, bouncing back takes time. Take all the time you want, but don’t take too long. You’ll understand yourself better once you face the past in a constructive way. You’ll begin to realise that the issues that made you feel so strongly for or against make up your belief system. These beliefs make you the unique individual that you are. Some only see the big picture in hindsight when they make sense of things. So it’s always good to make sure you catch life’s lemons in a basket and make a delicious mixed fruit punch from it. Sit back and let the world wonder how you did it; why you’re still smiling.

2. Talk, talk, talk!

Pent up emotions can drive people crazy. So talk! Listening ears and strong shoulders are always available if you know where to look. Talking helps tremendously because you’re putting those messed up emotions into words. Getting that load off your chest makes a huge difference because you’re slowly working out reasons and justifying the way you felt. The result is a better understanding of yourself and the circumstances that surround you. And because the person you’re talking with is neither a wall nor a machine, expect opinions and comments from them. Listen to what they have to say and you’ll find yourself learning how to cope with bad news in a good way.

3. Get Outdoors

It doesn’t have to be in a park or in a huge, isolated place so that you can “think things out clearly”. A quiet supermarket’s a nice place to start. Take a stroll along the aisles and take in all that colour! There’s loads of pretty things in the supermarket to get your mind of things (like brilliant product packaging). What about window shopping in a mall or taking walls around the heartlands? If you don’t feel like having company, walks like these work best when you need some alone time. Aimless walking works too, just remember your way home.

4. Indulge

Perhaps you can splurge a little more on things that you make you happy when life trips you up. I’d start with having cake or ice cream. Or both. At the same time. Don’t believe the whispers, comfort food is always good food! Wake the endorphins up and feel good about it. Indulge because you’re giving yourself reason to breathe and when you’re devouring your sweetest sin, you’ll forget what was bugging you in the first place.

5. Play That Funky Music

Need I explain this further? Everyone comprehends the power of a catchy tune and lyrics you can relate so well too. I would recommend some Ellie Goulding or Basement Jaxx to counter the effects of a bad day but you know, personal taste varies. But one thing’s for sure, feel good music always hit the spot! Shut out the world out and get jiggy with it!

6. Sweat It Out

Woohoo! Another reason for you to get out of the house and get physical! Really, your mind is already too occupied to get much work done anyway. Exercising when you’re high on emotions is a good way to work off that restless energy in your body! Work up a good sweat when you burn up those stress hormones and release endorphins – happy hormones make us feel relieved and better about ourselves! Put those running shoes and grab that yoga mat because Fit is calling you away from your faults.

7. Get Inspired

If you’re not into exercising (though it is recommended, coming from someone whose bum is on the chair most of the time), channel all that pent up emotions and energy more effectively elsewhere. Read books, paint your feelings, sing your lungs out or browse through the web to get inspired. You never know what you’ll come across that can make you feel heaps better.

8. Let It Go

I recommend getting your heart trampled on to anyone. I recommend biting off more then you can chew to anyone. I recommend sticking your foot in your mouth at any time. Feel free. Ok, I don’t recommend any of the above but Alanis Morissette’s got something good going on there.

One thing I’ve learnt when someone lets you down, is that you can’t stop others from doing what they want. We can’t expect others to live the way we want them too. Vice versa. It’s not fair for anyone. Not fair to us because it’s something beyond our control and it isn’t fair to them because it’s their life. Choices and freewill – the 2 elements that set things straight, can also screw things up. But be thankful that when we fall flat on our faces, we can get up, endure the pain and we fix our noses. We got to learn from mistakes and then, let it go.

You choose, you learn. You choke, you learn. We live, we learn. We’re human and it’s OK.

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