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When in Rome

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Enjoying great weather for most of the year, Rome is a living and breathing outdoor museum. During the summer it enjoys a sizzling Mediterranean climate with a high of 28 degrees Celsius in July and August. So make sure to slap on some sunscreen! The best months are May/June and just outside of the tourist high-peak season, September/October.

Rome has just about something for everyone, from designer fashion items and delicate art pieces to vast historical landmarks and impressive museums. Besides that, the people are very friendly and molto bello/bella. It definitely makes for a great time, just sitting back at a cafe with a cappuccino, people-watching.

The city is compact with most landmarks within easy walking distance from one another – once you’re heading in the right direction, that is. Traffic is rather horrendous, so driving is not something you’d want to do. Stick to walking or the trains.

So put on your walking shoes, as Penny takes you through her favourite Roman attractions – in no order of importance because you absolutely have to see them all! Whilst they are touristy, these are must-sees and these top attractions can be seen in just 2 days if you’re short for time.

#1 – The Colosseum (Coliseum)


#2 – The Roman Forum


#3 – Trevi Fountain

#4 – The Pantheon


#5 – Vatican City


#6 – Vatican Museums


#7 – Piazza di Spagna / The Spanish Steps


#8 – Sant Angelo Castle & Bridge


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