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We speak with Eve Tan, gutsy fashion designer with her own label to boot. Not at all your average Singaporean.

By Penny K

Eve Tan is all but 25 but already has a fashion label, eve, to her name. Her designs are feminine yet edgy, smooth yet full of texture, comfortable yet chic, and have certainly impressed quite a handful.

Of springboards and headstarts

Last year, Eve was one of the selected few to be part of the Parco next NEXT Fashion Design Incubator, a collaboration between TaFf (Textile & Fashion Federation (Singapore)) and Parco Singapore, aimed at nurturing Singapore’s next generation of fashion design entrepreneurs.

The TaFf-Parco project addresses the needs of budding designers by providing critical infrastructural and business support. These include retail space, one-on-one business and fashion design mentoring, training in critical skills such as retail merchandising, as well as exposure to overseas best practices.

Eve saw a golden opportunity in the TaFf-Parco project. She said, “I thought it was a wonderful opportunity to learn from the professionals and a great platform to start up your label. I interviewed and was accepted into the programme.”

Eve on eve

Today, eve keeps Eve busy. Her latest Spring/Summer ’11 Collection is testament to her talent. Her ability to keep clothes looking good, wearable and affordable (casual pieces start at $59) is quite simply, amazing.

Eve described her brand eve as “strong, adventurous and timeless.” We see those elements in her apparel. Drapes coupled with interesting fabric such as Indian silk on a canvas of modal jersey…

Speaking of modal jersey, Eve explained her extensive use of the fabric, “I am a fan of jersey but it’s hard to find good quality jerseys that do not cause static or shrink or stretch with wash. Modal is perfect for our tropical climate, it has very high air permeability, it drapes better than cotton jersey. It is also smoother on the skin.”

And who deserves to don apparel from eve? “The ideal eve woman,” Eve explained, “ is one who is free-spirited, adventurous but still has that touch of class.”

Singapore style

Fashion design is hardly considered the well-trodden path. Most who pass through the doors of design school don’t end up dabbling in anything fashion-related at all. They find breaking through the industry a difficult task and perhaps the financial rewards don’t come quick enough. Challenging these conventions, like swimming against tide, can be a tiring and lonesome experience.

Eve spent a few dissatisfied years in a biomedical course in Temasek Polytechnic because her mother, a seamstress, rejected the idea of Eve pursuing fashion design. Having been pricked by the needle herself, she warned Eve that fashion design was no walk in the park.

Three years in the biomedical course hardly quelled Eve’s fire for fashion design. Upon graduation from Temasek Polytechnic, Eve’s urge to pursue fashion continued to burn.

She said, “I had always been fascinated with fashion and how individuals express their characters through clothing and it has always been a dream to have my own label. To have something to share my thoughts and views with everyone.”

So on she went to pursue fashion design at Raffles Design Institute and the rest, as they say, is history.

But history hasn’t been made and as far as Eve is concerned she’s not nearly done yet. She’s currently working to expand her label. She’s also trying to study Singaporean fashion sensibilities to “achieve that perfect balance of creativity and commercial value for Singaporeans and to understand the pace at which Singaporeans are able to push themselves to be more fashion-forward.”

Look out for the eve official website, which launches 1 June, Wednesday. You can gain access to more information on Eve, her designs, and her wonderful team behind the label!

Quick Takes with Eve


If I weren’t a fashion designer, I would be a…


Fashion or style?


What I love most about being a designer…

The ability to turn your imaginations into physical reality.

I wish Singaporeans would stop wearing…

Elastic belts around the waist. There are nicer belts around.

In my downtime, I unwind by…

Going to the beach.

I hope people look at my designs and think/say…

“I must have that”

eve retails at:

9 Raffles Boulevard, Millenia Walk
P2-31 Singapore 039596
Victoria Jomo

47 Haji Lane, Singapore 189240


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