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Joanne Loh – A Designer Uncovered

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She may be all smiles but behind that sweet disposition is a slick, lean mean fashion machine.  Joanne Loh, 23, is the vivacious founder and designer of UNCVRD, a brand that’s stitching its mark in Singapore’s fashion industry. This talented designer holds a BA (Hons) in Fashion Design from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and has a head filled with many, many ideas. She’s always finding inspiration in everything and feeding her curiosity with questions that will lead to her next work of wearable art.

Penny C speaks with Joanne.

Joanne’s brand is actually an acronym of ‘un-covered’ and so that makes only one way to pronounce it. UNCVRD is unpretentious and original, exemplifying modern street wear with bold lines and charming confidence in its collection of stylish wearables. Joanne transforms styles and ideas into assertive looks teased with versatility and that essential dash of fun.

UNCVRD is located in Parco next NEXT, at Parco Marina Bay along side many local fashion brands as imaginative and original as Joanne’s. We speak to this expressive designer and find out what goes on in her head and match them with her fashion designs. We are not disappointed.

Hello Joanne! Let’s get to know each other a little better. Tell us everything about you!

I’m one half of a pair of twins! I’m the younger one, and yes I DO mind when people say I’m the elder one, haha! I love to travel too. Frankly speaking, I’ve gained a lot through travelling than studying. I guess I get to know myself and others better whenever I travel –  something I can’t experience if I’m in one place all the time.

What was your earliest memory of fashion?

When I was in Primary 3,  I learned from classmate about this occupation called “Fashion Designer”. I thought that was very cool it became my ambition.  Years later, it really became a dream-come-true for me! Sounds ridiculous but that’s true. It also seems like it’s all predestined in a very wrong way, haha.

Share with us your fashion philosophy

Fashion isn’t only about following the trends. It’s about exploring the inner you and creating a look of your own. It’s more about creating and uncovering. But in order to achieve that, you need to know and understand yourself better.

What/who inspires you?

Because my label is all about uncovering new styles and concept, anything and everything can be an inspiration to me. I’m inspired daily. I would always observe my surroundings wherever I go, hoping that ‘something’ from ‘somewhere’ would be calling out to me. That’s when I get inspired.

What puts you in the mood to get creative?

I don’t have to be in the mood to get creative for the sake of it. I always try to stay creative. I let my imagination run wild all the time! For example, I imagine the ending of a drama – how it could or should be like, or I imagine a new storyline if I’m the writer. I even think about what the lady sitting opposite me on the train is thinking, where’s she going, what kind of person she is..all that sort of thing. This all happens inside my head!

Many questions like “Can I use this and this to create a garment?”, “How would my dress look like if I had this detail on it?” or “ Can I apply this concept on my designs?” find their way into my brain as well. I guess all this can really trigger my creative juices. The only challenge is to be fast enough to draw out the images that flash through my mind at that instance. =D

What do you loathe to draw?

I would love to draw anything! But I may not have the patience to colour it..opps!

How do you want people to feel when they see your creations?

“Wow! That’s so clever! I want that!”

What’s your favorite piece from your own collection?

Transformable Zipped Dress – there are multiple ways to wear it!

If you could live in any era, which would it be and why?

I like the era I’m living in now. I prefer the present, it’s more realistic, I guess.

Where can we find you on a Saturday afternoon?

At home with family or at nearby malls with besties / boyfriend.

Fashion isn’t only about following the trends. It’s about exploring the inner you and creating a look of your own. It’s more about creating and uncovering. But in order to achieve that, you need to know and understand yourself better

Where else can we see more of your stuff?

UNCVRD’s E-shop will be coming up real soon! Meanwhile at the little counter at Parco and soon, the upcoming shop space in April!

What’s up for 2011?
UNCVRD will be having a standalone shop at Parco, finally! We’ll be launching our Spring/Summer 2011 collection together with the new website and E-shop as well! Stay tuned.

Finally, what’s the real reason clouds exist?

I guess it’s to cushion the earth.

We’re giving away one of UNCVRD’s wonderful accessories, a handmade felt neck-piece by Joanne, herself! Here’s a chance for you to play dress up and mix & match this intricate lightweight accessory in style!

To win it, you can either…

1. EMAIL us
Send an email to with the subject “I want a gift from UNCVRD!” and include  the following details:

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2. Or TWEET us!
Simply tweet us at @PennysDaybook with “I want a gift from UNCVRD!” and if you’re our winner, we’ll give you a direct message.

Please be reminded that this contest is only open to readers living in Singapore and all entries must reach us by Tuesday, 26 April 2011. Be seeing you!

Joanne  (right) with her sisters.

Be sure to join Joanne in celebrating UNCVRD‘s new shop space at Parco next NEXT, on Sunday, 9th April. All the best to you, Joanne!


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    All the best! Will visit your store on the opening. Will recommend to others too bcz ur Design is real unique and creative :)

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