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Street Slick: Bagging It

  • SumoMe

Document bags, messenger bags, bucket bags, clutches, totes.. whatever they call it, someone out there owns tons of them. Truthfully, I’ve seen enough of them on the streets and it’s getting pretty boring. Even the increasingly popular sight of fashionable guys with their document bags is making some of us yawn.

So let’s tip the scale a bit and carry stuff another way. Big bags, re-usable bags and backpacks aren’t only for kids in school. They’re coming back to the streets in style. Bring out the basics, the details, the colours and sizes. These bags may be spacious, but it doesn’t mean you’ve got to dump everything you’ve got in them. Carry light and carry them with confidence. You’re not on way into school, love. You’re on your way out.

KANI .., 19 year old student & vintage lover from the land of kangaroos

Zina D., 23 year old Optimist from nowhere

Leslie K., 19 year old aries from manhattan

Julia V., 17 year old girl from Germany

Andrea B., 23 year old drafter from crema

Amanda B., 16 year old Fashion blogger/student from Umea/Sweden

Dennis R., 30 year old king of shoes from Manila

Chloe S., 20 year old Hybrid from Anderson St.

Suki W., 21 year old MODEL AND Make Up Artist from Hong Kong

Annabel L., 22 year old classicist from Berkeley, CA

Adeline R., 20 year old hopeful lost girl and blogger from Paris

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