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At the Decks with DJ Nanda

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If you like to rouse a crowd, have fun and make some money at the same time, DJ-ing may just be the gig for you. DJ-ing is hard work but not at all an impossible skill to pick up.

Triple threat

DJ Nanda (aka DJ Groove), 31, resident DJ at Bar None (at Marriott Hotel), said, “DJ-ing takes skills, research to find out what kind of beats will move the crowd, and passion to keep your feet on the ground and hands on your deck no matter how rough it gets.”

Once your skills, research and passion are in order, you can be sure hearts will be beating and heads will be bobbing to your music all night long.

DJ Nanda

Take DJ Nanda for example. He has been spinning for more than 15 years. Some venues he has spun at include Gotham Penthouse, Forbidden City and Cheeky Monkeys. He has also entertained in Japan, China, UK, Ibiza, Malaysia and various parts of Europe. He is a frequent feature at international dance festivals.

DJ by night, coach by day

Apart from spinning, DJ Nanda is also passionate about teaching aspiring DJs. He coaches DJ courses offered under TwoFold LLP, Singapore’s Premier Learning Company that offers courses at affordable prices.

So far, he has coached a total of 25 students that have signed up under TwoFold. One is on his way to participating in the Heineken Thirst Competition in July this year!

We attended TwoFold’s 3-hour Introductory Workshop with DJ Nanda and got up close and personal with the decks.

Penny K tries

DJ Nanda introduced us to the main components of the equipment. We learnt to set up the equipment in ‘battle style’ as this allows more room for movement. Next we were taught the basics of blending, how to look out and listen for cue points and how to turn the many knobs required for house music.

DJ Nanda is a laidback guy but he is serious about his music. He was hands-on throughout the course and saved us the one too many times we were lost!

DJ Nanda coaches Penny V

Our classmate for the day, Mushu, 17, who was there for his second lesson only, knew enough to teach us a thing or two! Looks like Mushu, who emulates DJ Craze, is well on his way to greatness under the tutelage of DJ Nanda.

Mushu does his thing

Beyond the decks

DJ-ing goes beyond the decks. DJ Nanda said, “There’s lots of homework to be done. You need to study music, beats, sound and acoustics.”

Multitasking is also an important skill in DJ-ing. Don’t worry if you’re not an inherent multitasker – practice makes perfect.

DJ Nanda explained, “The more you practise, the better you get at spinning, doing voiceovers, and observing the crowd. Soon you will be able to relax while on the job.”

Penny C, totally at ease

Rewards of the job

DJ Nanda loves his job – it allows him to pursue his love for music while harnessing his talent for sound quality (he is a Sound Engineering graduate). DJ-ing is also a source of income for DJ Nanda and saw him through school.

Today, through teaching at TwoFold, he also has the chance to guide young DJs to fulfilling their aspirations.

He said, “As a DJ, you are a one-man band. You are a performer and people come to watch you. That’s a great feeling!’

DJ Nanda fills up a quirky questionnaire:

Combine the science of sound with your love for music and make yourself an invaluable asset to any party, visit or call 9329 7561/9040 4356 to find out more about TwoFold’s DJ Course now!