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These Abled People

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People who “aren’t normal”, or people who appear to have certain impairments that render them less privileged than others are what society calls the “disabled” people. But read it again with a different perspective. We’re no different from these abled people – like them, we have the need to feel useful, we all want to be equipped with skills and we all wish to be accepted by others.

Fortunately a team of people are set on bringing in the sunshine to chase the dark clouds away. Supported by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) and a member of National Council Of Social Service (NCSS), Bizlink is a non-profit organisation that provides services for the employment of people with disabilities.

Their mission is to assist the disadvantaged people with disabilities in Singapore to achieve independence and integration into mainstream society by providing them open and sheltered employment. An arm of the organisation aptly named These Abled People, sells seasonal cards made by the disabled!

Buy purchasing the cards, we’re creating jobs for the disabled. It’s only a step towards helping to increase the awareness of a much deserving cause!

The Consumer Card Pack includes:

  • 5 assorted Christmas cars that are designed and painted by people with disabilities (PWDs)
  • 8 discount offers enclosed and a chance to win an iPad

All proceeds go to supported disabled artists and other PWDs working on this project (e.g. packers, telemarketers and administrators)

Priced at only S$5 for a pack of 5 beautifully designed cards, the amount may seem trivial to many but on the other side other coin, our help goes a long way. This campaign is not only encouraging the public to buy a card, it’s helping to create jobs for the disabled and it’s also set on bringing the nostalgia of handwritten cards back to an era receiving happiness via snail mail is often overlooked. The very act of purchasing these cards gives the disabled a chance at experiencing something most of us do everyday – feeling appreciated. Take this worthwhile opportunity to help a cause and spread the original joy of giving with everyone you know and love. Hey, it’s Christmas :)

Here’s the card Penny C chose to greet a friend this Christmas!

You can either purchase these cards online or visit Toy Outpost outlets at Plaza Singapura and Vivo City and look out for Bizlink’s box! Stay tuned for more designs for in 2011 but for now, it’s time for the season’s greetings :)

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