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Dear Christmas Crowd

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Dear Christmas Crowd,

We meet again. This time we meet away from home, in a different but familiar country overseas. But no matter the culture, the language or the weather or time zone, you always manage to remain the same. That’s what makes you, impressively you.

But a letter like this is long overdue. Through out the years of seasonal shopping, I’ve noticed a lot about you. I’ve observed you in silence and often with a dishevelled look because you were at times, the cause of my scruffy appearance. But that’s another confession for another day. I’m writing solely because I think it’s time you became aware of your idiosyncratic allure, your ability to keep grouches at bay, your shamanistic charm.

C.C, I shall begin by listing a few bedazzling attributes of yours. Attributes, which make you honestly fascinating.

1. You’re A Special Kind Of Crowd

Flash mobs and you are very different, I know. So are strikes and parades. Time and time again you wish not to be associated with them and I guess it’s appropriate that you have your space. Unlike other kinds of crowds, you’re the one people empathise with the most. You can conjure up an entire human traffic jam and everyone’s cool about it – we shake if off because such behaviour is expected from you this time of the year. You don’t have weird public, mass dances to crazy music, and neither do you have activists holding up horribly designed signs that other people make fun of. You’re special. Harmless, but special.

2. Economy Control

You appear in the streets, wave your wand and the entire industry sells stuff at Christmas prices. This is awesome, I admit. It felt fabulous when I entered a boutique a couple of days ago and was about to make a purchase but I stopped. I decided to go home and sleep on it. Two days later the price of the item I wanted was marked down. I love you because of it. As a crowd, you’re accommodating. Business people, marketers and profit driven organisations listen to you. You are the wind beneath my receipts.

3. Peer Pressure

People want to fit in with you, C.C. They dress accordingly to be with you. Based on the simple concept of people layering on clothes in cold climates and taking layers off when it’s warm. You’ve got everyone dressing similarly. But again, you are also the only crowd that manages to ostracise those who dress differently. It’s only during this season that attention is drawn to those who under or over dress for the weather. I cannot help but notice the person with shorts and slippers in a crowd of scarves and coats.  I cannot stop my eyes from peering at the one with boots and a knit sweater among those with tank tops and tee shirts. C.C, why do you do this to us? Why do you make us judge?

4. Wardrobe Alert

Besides our everyday getup, you also allow people to dress up like it’s a holiday. People think its fine to put on reindeer ears and wear red little hats on the street. Evles shoes/boots included. You smile upon it, and everyone else feels the same. Without such cohesiveness you’d be broken and you wouldn’t be seen as a crowd during Christmas. Is this a joke? What’s your plan here?

5. Spree!

You make it seem all right to spend. For at least a month, sharing the gift of giving appears to be the ideal way to go. Seeing you hurdle together into shops, hunched over the counters deciding which gift is the best and waiting in line to have your purchases Christmas wrapped is visually amazing. No other crowd and can do that. A Christmas crowd that spend and feel good together, makes others want to do the same damn thing.

6. Repelling Misery

There’s no one unhappy among you. Everyone who’s with the crowd is aware of the circumstances and are glad to go through them to achieve a goal, whatever it may be this season. Grouches who detest in being part of the crowd instinctively keep away from you. They turn towards the other direction and leave. They find a way to go around you to reach their destination. They do everything to stay out of your way. They grumble to themselves as they do every bit they can to avoid you.  Everyone else in the crowd is contented. C.C you are an effective and amazing grouch repellent. You’re so cool.

C.C, you don’t even need to hold a strike to get people’s attention. You come together on your own, with a little help from the universe. You only need to know that you’re awesome. So awesome that you don’t have to call because we’ll naturally know when you’re coming to town.

Lots of love under the giant mistletoe,
Penny C

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