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While “your home is an extension of your personality” (how many times have we heard that?), some dress their homes up for the people who visit while others design the layout for themselves to revel in. We create art and display them on walls and in the bathroom. We buy novelty items and prop them in the most bizarre places around the house. Unless you’re an indifferent eel that’s comfortable lounging at the bottom of a simple glass tank,  the rest of us surround ourselves with inspiring items and decorative memories we never want to forget.

When you enter an immaculate, what’s the first thing your eyes dart towards to? When you enter an eclectic home, what’s the first emotion you feel? Think about it! To get your imagination going, we’re sharing 4 quirky and cluttered interiors which will neither be subdued by organisation nor logical home systematisations of any kind (though the first and last ones are exceptions). Enjoy!

Eileen Peters (Model and Photographer) and Mark Wiesmayr  (Creative Director)

Pamela Love (Jewelry Designer) and Jordan Sullivan (Photographer and Musician)

Nicholas Andersen an Julie Ho of CONFETTI SYSTEM

Tom Sachs (Artist)

About time we picked up a couple of home decorating tips too!

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