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There are many things we used to do but stopped doing, or have never done. Here’s a look at Penny K’s Just Do It list and why she thinks you should embrace some of these too.

Making coffee

I make my own coffee everyday but considering the steps involved are pouring 3-in-1 coffee powder into my mug, adding hot water, and stirring, that isn’t making coffee at all. If you’re not as cheap about your caffeine beverage as I am, you may order a latte from the nearest Starbucks made by a part-time student, or kopi from a kopitiam stirred vigorously and served. But how about going back to the good old coffee press or plunger and making yourself a nice cup of coffee? You’ll save time not having to stand at the counter rattling off your special orders – less sugar, low-fat milk, to go. Since you know best what you want, make your own coffee so it will suit your taste and should it go very wrong, you only have yourself to blame. Besides, sophisticated coffee making apparatus abound – choose from the rustic Chemex or the modern and convenient Braun and then some.

Making our own turkey

Um where is this coming from? This is coming from the fact that we are just about a month away from Christmas. Worried? You should be. People can say they want about turkey being an overrated, often overcooked bird, but Christmas isn’t Christmas without turkey. Thanks to hotels, upscale gourmet meat markets and even Cold Storage that sell made-to-order turkey, people no longer go through the hassle of homemade turkey. That should change. Websites like Chow offers over 50 ingenious ways to cook turkey (some come in the form of cakes and pies, as you will see and be impressed and slightly weirded out). This year, serve up a turkey that, when the compliments are heaped on, you can truly take credit for.

Making mountains out of molehills

Here at Penny’s Daybook, we like to challenge our readers to be different. We go against the grain this time by advocating making mountains out of molehills. Not making mountains out of molehills means not erring on the side of caution, which isn’t always a good thing. All we’re saying is, there has got to be a balance between the number of chilled out folks and worriers in society.

Dioscorides’ Materia Medica, c. 1334 copy in Arabic, describes medicinal features of cumin and dill.

Making home remedies

Don’t be too quick to proclaim how wonderful that serum is for its ability to close pores! I’ve prayed to god to close my pores andthat hasn’t always worked out so if a product you can buy off the shelves closes pores, whatever they put into it is industrial strength stuff that’s tougher than god. I don’t know if that scares you, it certainly scares me. That’s why it’s time to go back to basics. There are a myriad home remedies you can make using step-by-step guides widely available on the Internet. Of course being of natural sources doesn’t make it faultless, so perform a patch test on a small surface area of skin before applying it onto a wider area of skin. Choose remedies wisely: if it comprises an unfamiliar ingredient, don’t make it. My favourite? Got an aching tooth? Bite on a clove with the affected tooth. It should kill the germs and give you very fresh breath too.

Making time

Saying “I haven’t the time” is an easy and convenient way to put something off. Maybe I haven’t the time, but I definitely want to try to make time, especially if it’s for something or someone worthwhile. Try your best to keep to your appointments and yes, do stay up an hour extra for something you think deserves your time. It’s 3am now. I definitely made time this time!


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