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Face Your Pockets!

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Some people prefer to lug their laptops wherever they go, others cannot leave home without a book, a notepad and an entire set of colour pencils. Face it, what you carry around with you defines your personality.

Interestingly enough, Face Your Pockets encourages people from all over to world to empty their pockets, just so the entire world can get to know them better!  All you need to do is scan the objects in your pockets (that includes bag pockets) together with your face and send the 300 dpi, A4 sized *.jpg or *.gif to Add to the list your name, occupation and items that were scanned e.g. movie ticket, candy wrapper, yesterday’s tissue, tomorrow’s bus fare, safety pins (whatever for I’ll never know), music player…………you get the drift.

Take a look at these!

Author: Paula Tsai
Occupation: web designer/artist
Description: candy, camera, pens, small binder clips, hair clips, sketchbook, chapstick, lip balm, phone, keys, iPod shuffle, leaves, sunglasses.

Author: Michele Pizzuti
Occupation: psycologist
Description: chiavi, auricolari, pipa, penna, tessera tennis club, caramelle, BAFFI.

Author: Luba
Occupation: Student Graphic Design
Description: coin, stick, beads, your favorite lighter, fasteners, and the tip of the dart.

Author: Abby
Occupation: Shanghai
Description: notebook ,transportation card, mobile phone , paper, key, dc, mp4, book.

Author: Leandro Monjardim
Occupation: graphic designer
Description: energy drink, silver rings, silver collar, coins, film, Hot Wheels, cd, Super Glue, celullar phone, key, pencil, HQ’s, picture.

Author: Leonid Balanev
Occupation: Photographer
notebook, two yuan, shells, ipod, Tibetan figulki, polaroid, dryer.

Author: Fernanda Lopes
Occupation: secretary
Description: camera, earrings, earrings of the grandmother, arrests day of the boyfriend, shells, , poem of love, base of cup, clock, hook, berlindes, old money, tarot, ticket, book, slipper, piece of boyfriend’s hair, tablets, peluche.

Author: Ana Jakimoska
Occupation: poet
Description: notebook, dices, coin, keys, train and tram tickets, ring, pen, pencil, marker, Homer Simpson figurine, pink star earrings, lip glow.

Author: Kike Llamas
Occupation: photographer
Description: iPod, keys, mobile, euro coin, old penny, Lumix LX2 camera, card reader.

Author: Indiana Caba
Occupation: audiovisual communication student
Description: moleskine, necklace, pen, lubitel 166, metro ticket, lacasitos, iPod, coins, tablet and a 8ball.

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