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5 Easy Tips For Healthy Flying

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Take with you these tips to feeling fine, staying healthy and being happy up in the air!

Says Penny C

Flying is one of best ways to travel and the thrill of experiencing a plane taking off and landing still excites me today. Besides getting a kick out of flying, staying healthy and fit on-board can improve our travelling experience tremendously too. Being on both long and short haul flights can affect our health, skin and moods so it’s essential that we don’t succumb to laziness, even though we’re 30,000 feet above ground. So when you’re packing your bags, pack these thoughts too!

1. Filling Up

One of the first things that everyone looks forward to are the in-flight meals. But which menu do you choose? What are the beverage choices on-board? The changes in cabin pressure can sometimes cause discomfort and mild bloating so consuming certain kinds of in-flight meals can determine how good you’re going to feel for the rest of the flight.

Drink lots of fluids; tea and coffee can leave you dehydrated so it’s better to replenish your system with fruit juice or water. You can bring along an empty bottle and ask for it to be re-filled while on-board. Alternatively, if you really want that cup of tea, have with you tea bags of your choice, request for hot water and enjoy your favourite drink in the air. Remember to recharge with plain water later on!

When booking your flight, check to see if there are menu options. Choose a special meal that suits your dietary needs to keep your body fit during the flight. Eating lightly helps curb indigestion and jet lag too.

2. Moisture Lock Down

Moisturising is key. Apply moisturiser to your face, neck and hands to counter the dryness which ensues. Ladies, remove your make up and moisturise accordingly, you can always touch up before touching down!  It’s always a good idea to keep wet wipes with you all the time too, especially on a long haul flight. You can freshen up anytime and also be able to clean up any minor spills or messes.  Don’t forget the lip balm for comfortable lips and eye drops to keep eyes moist!

3. Walk It Out

Got space? Stretch! No space? Get up for a walk. Avoid “economy-class syndrome” and work those limbs whenever possible on any flight. Walk to the bathroom and back, stretch your arms and legs in your seat or stroll on up to the upper deck and down again to keep blood circulation healthy. If you sit for too long, you might experience discomfort, numbness or perhaps even swelling due to the lack of blood flowing to the lower limbs.

Find a spot near the exit or anywhere else spacious and do some stretching! Twisting your torso gently from side to side or hold your calves to the back of your thigh and softly pull at the muscles. Just don’t start a commotion on the plane by doing heavy star jumps and jumping jacks.

4. Clean Hands

Instead of going around the aircraft trying your sanitary best to disinfect your steps, the most fundamental way to keep clean and healthy is to wash your hands. Rub hand sanitizer between your palms, use wipes or wash your hands regularly, before and after meals to improve in-flight hygiene. Apply hand cream afterwards to lock in moisture and the scent from it will allow you to have a more relaxed flight.

5. Rest
Don’t get off the plane looking like a zombie. Get some sleep when you can because it helps fight jet lag and keeps your body clock in tune. By getting enough rest, you’ll also be able to soothe your travel jitters and land looking and feeling refreshed. No one will notice that it was a 36 hour flight.

All Pepped up

Okay now, you’re all prepped and pepped up with somewhere to go! Go ahead and board a plane without the need to fuss over being clean or fighting germs on-board. Pack a light hand carry with the above essentials and have a pleasant flight!

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