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Biscuit King

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By Penny V

As a child, I remember letting go of my mother’s hand, as we walked around my neighbourhood’s shops to run over to the once ubiquitous biscuit stores. I absolutely loved standing there to look at those massive tins, stacked next to each on other rows and rows of shelves around the entire shop.

My mother always knew where to find me and she would take her time to look through the large jars of preserved fruits and treats as I thought of which biscuits to get this time; would it be the chocolate cream filled ones or an entire bag of Iced Gems, otherwise known as those fantastic biscuits with bright, multi-coloured sugar tops. You know the ones that I’m talking about, God bless the Brits for bringing them to our sunny shores.

Unfortunately those same Mom-and-Pop stores aren’t surviving the concrete jungle and might vanish from the streets just like the man with his round metal tin making that chewy molasses candy, other wise known as ‘Ding Ding Tang’. Dwindling rather sadly, you can’t find them in every neighbourhood like you used to, but one company seems to be keeping up with the times.

While it can’t beat the usual shops, Biscuit King ( is now available online for those that are hard-pressed for time to search for a physical store. It has the very same biscuits and treats that you can find (perhaps just a little less in variety) available in tin and tub sizes. And hey, they even do free delivery!

The site is pretty easy to use and rather cute I do have to say, with simple illustration and animation. For a Mix & Match, you can choose up to 4 flavours (dependent on shape of the cookie) per tin (1kg). You can also purchase 1/2 a kilo or a tub. Even sweets can be ordered.

While it is definitely not the same as going to one of those biscuit stalls and is just ever so slightly, pricey, you can at least take it to heart that our favourite childhood treats can still be found and even be brought right to your doorstep.

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