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Sitting Kills

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A shocking new study, published by American Cancer Society, found that women who sit for more than six hours a day increase their chances of dying by 37 percent even if – get this – they exercise regularly. The study followed 123,216 people over a period of 14 years.

Couch potatoes were found to be at a 94 percent higher risk of dying.

Sitting, the study says, suppresses hormones that affect triglycerides and cholesterol, which could trigger heart disease.

Alpa Patel, the study’s lead author, said, “Even if you are active, sitting for long periods of time will impact your health, and you’ll have a shorter life span.” He adds, “Whether a person is sitting at a desk, or sitting on a couch, sitting for long periods of time is harmful.”

This comes as horrible news for those of us who are chained to desks at work, where we can’t help but be seated for at least seven hours a day (minus lunch hour).

via NY Post

Stand Up!

If it’s true that sitting too much kills then there’s nothing you can do (other than quit your job), but here are some exercises that are worth a shot.

Take a walk – get some water, go to the toilet, just stand and move.

Sit right – observe good posture while sitting at your desk. Hunching is a big no-no; you already knew that but do you put it to practice?

Stretch those limbs – go to a place in the office where it’s convenient to stretch without looking like a complete idiot. Stretch your arms and legs, rotate your ankles, roll your shoulders backwards and forwards.

Breathe – if it’s possible, step outside for some fresh air.

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