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The annual Night Festival is back once again to thrill. We attended the media preview to give you a heads up on what to expect!

This year’s Night Festival takes on the theme New World 2010. Now into its third consecutive year running, the Night Festival 2010 draws inspiration from the New World Amusement Park, a nightlife destination in the Singapore of the past.

Ms Lee Chor Lin, Director of the National Museum of Singapore says, “The perception of nightlife in Singapore today revolves mainly around partying, but in the earlier days, it was about a variety of activities, from the arts to sports and entertainment.” She adds, “New World 2010… will give visitors an insight to what Singapore was like in the 60s, comparing it with our present and looking towards what it could be in the future.”

The Bras Basah precinct will be transformed into a magical playground featuring street theatre, whimsical lights and carnivalesque play. Look out for over 40 performances, films, roving acts and activities, from outdoor performances to graffiti murals, social dancing to live music halls and even sporting events. The exciting line-up features a mix of international, Southeast Asian and local acts. These exhibits, installations and performances span eight different locations: the National Museum of Singapore, Singapore Management University Campus Green, Singapore Art Museum, SAM at 8Q, The Peranakan Museum, The Substation, Dance Ensemble Singapore and Fort Canning Green.

Penny’s Daybook was on site to catch a glimpse of what the public will be privy to beginning this evening. Here are some our picks!

Venue: National Museum of Singapore

Paraboles 2.0

by Compagnie Off (France) & Victric Thng (Singapore)

Time: 16 July – 10.30pm and 11.30pm; 17 July – 12mn and 1am

Why you’ll like it: Featuring six monumental satellite dishes (referred to as paraboles), Paraboles 2.0 is an urban installation and human performance with the paraboles suspended 17 metres in the air, representing the relationship between sound and image along with stroboscopic flashing light. The installation is a spectacle, which is glorious under the evening sky. That coupled with the human performance – a curious combination of dancing, running and gymnastics – makes Paraboles 2.0 an enigmatic experience.

You might not like it if: you hate experimental works of art.

Venue: Singapore Management University Campus Green

Taxi-Girls & Taxi-Boys

by Jitterbugs Singapore

Time: 7.30pm – 2am

Why you’ll like it: Taxi-Girls & Boys is a popular social dance from the 1920s, which was phased out with the rise of television and radio. If you’re all about nostalgia and love the Singapore of the past, you’ll love this.

Why you might not like it if: dancing puts you to sleep.

Venue: Singapore Art Museum and SAM at 8Q

Abusement Park

by Vertical Submarine (Singapore) & Black Baroque Interventionists (Singapore)

Time: 8pm – 2am

Why you’ll like it: It’s like your regular amusement park with ten times the pain. Part of the building, including the basement of SAM will be converted into an Abusement Park. This occupation is driven by a collective nostalgia that extends to carnivalesque and grotesque phenomena in history such as the spectacle of public execution, and ‘madwomen’ at the funfair of the post war years. Come up-close with instruments of pain and witness tortured souls as amusement. Sounds fun?

You you might not like it: you have kids. Give this one a miss – it’ll be too difficult to explain why the Fountain of Wealth is filled with fake blood and baby doll heads.

World’s Slowest SMS Billboard

by Wit Pimkanchanapong (Thailand)

Time: 7pm – 2am

Why you’ll like it: Like the name of the artist behind it, The World’s Slowest SMS Billboard is an interactive artwork that is witty – and extremely tiring for the people who form the text messages letter by letter on the billboard. Here’s what you do: send a personal message from your mobile phone to this Billboard and wait for it to be displayed. It may not even be displayed; it’s up to the ‘mood’ and decision of the Billboard which is operated totally by a team of humans. A throwback to when technology was less developed and less instantaneous.

You might not like it if: you’re an impatient person.

Diva Siva

by The Island Divas (New Zealand)

Time: 16 July – 10pm and 12.15am; 17 July – 11.30pm. At the Glass Hall on both nights. Solos start at 8.45pm on both nights at the Exhibition Gallery 1.3-1.4.

Why you’ll like it: The Island Divas present Diva Siva, a show of high voltage mix of Pacific burlesque, celebrating the fun flavour of Fa’afafine (Samoan for “like a woman”) culture with both Island and Urban roots. The show features peroformers Tess Tickle, Shanene, Cindy of Samoa and Buckwheat Von Duckfee. Catch the show for a unique fare of drag artistry, comedy and Fa’afafine traditional island dancing.

You might not like it if: drags freak you out.

Night Festival 2010, 16 – 17 Jul. Free admission. For more information on the Night Festival 2010, go here.

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