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Lights in the Night

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Before 23rd July 2010, I didn’t know how it felt like to see the youth of Singapore coming together for something really meaningful. 2010 youths from gathered at Merchant Loop for the sole reason of being part of a remarkably memorable sight – to form the world’s first human torch, in celebration of the lighting of the Youth Olympic Flame held in Greece. This is only a sneak peak of what the atmosphere’s going to be like at the Youth Olympic Games, which is going to be held in Singapore from 14 – 26 August 2010. Most importantly, the youths stood together with one goal in mind – it’s all for Singapore and that’s what really touched the hearts of those present.

“As a worldwide sponsor of the Olympic Games over the last decade, Samsung is a firm believer that sport is a unifying force that encourages young people to challenge themselves to the limit. This spectacular formation affirms our commitment to ensure that the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore will be truly be a landmark event that connects youth to their peers from around the world in the spirit of Olympism,” said Mr. Moon Sung-Hyun, Managing Director of Samsung Asia Pte Ltd, the International Presenting Partner of the Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame (JYOF) and Worldwide Olympic Partner.

With torches in their hands, the eager participants clad in blue, yellow and orange tee shirts with a simple yet distinctive design (it read: 23.7.10, I was part of the SAMSUNG HUMAN TORCH) were geared up as night fell and the anticipation rose. This spectacular human torch was sight to illuminate at 8.10pm Singapore time to coincide with the lighting of the Olympic flame in Greece on the same day.

Mascots Lyo and Merly were joined on stage with Mr. Moon, Mr Goh Kee Nguan, CEO of the Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organizing committee together with Samsung executives when it was time to show the world what Singapore can be (yes, inspiration from a lovely National Day tune). Fervent cheers, enthusiastic applause and of course the main element, vibrant lights lit the skies and possibly, the faces and hopes of everyone at the event! It was an unbelievable sight. The night continued on with performances by lively talents, including Singapore Idol Sezari Sezali – a brilliant singer to look out for! His live vocals were amazing and seriously, it’s really something when you see the torch lose its structure as youths rush to stage for a closer view of Sezari.

The event ended on very good note with Singapore once again, making history in her own zealous ways by achieving this feat. It’s 2 more weeks until the games begin; so get fired up and witness the blazing vitality of the Youth Olympic Games!

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