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I’m not bitter, I’m just pondering. Oh no, wait.  Maybe I am sour ; but I never was the type to react like this so I’ll let you decide. Weren’t you always the clever one?

Penny C muses.

I was at out having a hearty meal one day when I was sorely interrupted by a song over the radio. I haven’t heard this it in ages and when it was all the rage 10 years ago, every girl was all for it. But now, it just seems overbearing.

All it took was one line from the Destiny’s Child hit, Independent to get my attention – Question: Tell me what you think about me. I buy my own diamonds and I buy my own rings.

This was my answer: That’s really cool, Beyonce. Not only have you clearly stated that you’re very capable of signing your own cheques, but you’ve also reminded some that they carats they can ever afford are found in supermarkets. So now I’d like to get back to my lunch now, which I have proudly paid for on my own too.

Whether we like it or not, girls definitely have it differently when it comes to respect and independence – but that’s another story meant for another time. Let’s talk about being independent in situations which backfires with mild social ostracision that comes with being so autonomous.

So how’s it like to play by your own rules and work around your own principalities? Pretty sweet, I must say. But I don’t know whether it’s the lack of common sense or these individuals don’t have the decency to be considerate when it comes to making decisions in a group. There’s a time for being collective but I guess a time like that doesn’t show up on your watch.

I’ve seen such incidents and experienced the plight of awkward social independence first hand – principalities are subjective and if these so-called standards aren’t outwardly and properly communicated, you could be at risk of appearing self righteous. Being in a mixing bowl of personalities can be quite a scene if you’re not aware of the ramifications of being socially independent around people who don’t share the same views as you.  Speaking your mind in such situations can minimise misunderstandings but it takes some brains to know how to put the words across without sounding too detached. Just like how players don’t enter a team sport thinking that everyone else on their team is crap.

Jo Lim, 24, is irked by this same deficiency which some carry, “Frankly, these people are speaking to humans with feelings, not androids programmed to divorce emotion from words.” Being said, I found another who doesn’t seem to feel that there’s anything wrong when voicing raw independent thought that may seem offensive to some. “It gets the job done,” thinks Celeste Chau, 23. “I don’t see the need to spend time explaining myself when in that amount of time, things can done more effectively.”  Right, so here’s where we scratch our heads and decide whose team to be on.

Unfortunately but very much eventually, we’ve all either got to learn to live or die alone. But then again, why fret when you can take trips on your own? Why bother with group hugs and high fives when hey, you can hug yourself and high five your other hand? Independence can take you places so, go! Be free from a world where you feel you don’t seem to fit in. But be sure that these places better not be anywhere outside your bubble. I only say that in fear of you bursting a blood vessel when you see people breathing your air.

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