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The World Cup is For Everyone

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by Hisham Omar
Contributor for Penny’s Daybook

Hisham is an undergrad student in NUS whose current aim in life is to figure out why of all the awesome vehicles out there, Optimus Prime chose to become a truck.

The FIFA World Cup 2010 is merely days away and football fans across the globe can hardly wait.

And yet, some just refuse to jump on the bandwagon.

Some such are the bitter fans whose country did not qualify for the tournament. Others are those who still don’t (and probably never will) get the offside rule. Not forgetting the World Cup widows who dread the month-long stretch when their husbands or boyfriends go AWOL, or worse, exist in a constant state of PMS (Pre/Post-Match Stress).

If you fall in one of the three categories, here are reasons why you should stop being a wet blanket and enjoy the World Cup with the rest of us this year.

“My country is not in the World Cup and I don’t want to be a sellout” – The Patriot

So your country is not in the World Cup and you refuse to be among those who shamelessly become Brazilian, Spanish, English or any of the other favourites. You question their sanity as they adopt their second nationality with a loyalty that would make Kim Jong Il jealous. Because you don’t want to be a sellout, you boycott the World Cup altogether. Well, with the participation of North Korea this year, you can enjoy the World Cup by supporting the North Korean team without having to trample on your principles. Here’s why: for want of a better way to put it, there’s just no way North Korea is going to win. So, don the North Korean flag in the name of sportsmanship and cheer away for the team that will not be winning! You don’t lose your national pride and still get to be part of the football fun!

“I’m a rugby fan. Football is for wimps.” – The Anything-But-Football Fan

Not always this victorious

You prefer your sport to be a cross between professional wrestling and gorillas on steroids. You get excited thinking of bone-crunching takedowns and the spilling of blood and sweat. A goal to you is the ball going above the crossbar instead of under it and you cannot comprehend a forward pass. To you, a ball shouldn’t be round. You’re a rugby fan.

This World Cup, all rugby fans outside of New Zealand should turn into football fans. Why on earth, you ask? Well, because New Zealand is playing. And no, New Zealand’s soccer team isn’t anything like the awe-inspiring, haka-dancing All Blacks. They are their painfully average football-playing counterparts, the ‘All Whites’. And if you don’t already know, victories against New Zealand are not as rare in football as they are in rugby. So if you’re tired of watching the All Blacks easily thrash the England or Azzuri rugby team, why not watch the Kiwis struggle against an impeccable English side with the likes of Steven Gerrard or an Azzuri side marshaled by Daniele De Rossi?

“Why is he so worked up? It’s only a game!” – The Football Widow

This is Kaka, by the way.

The love of your life is perfect in every way. He dotes on you and listens to everything you have to say. The two of you spend every waking moment together and see no wrong in matching outfits. But you never understand why he is the way he is during football matches. And because you become invisible during a football game, you refuse to embrace the sport. Not even for the World Cup.

You don’t have to understand you probably never will. His dedication to his favourite football team is as irrational to you as your need for insanely expensive designer shoes. Even so, you both can still enjoy the World Cup together. While he worries about the score-line, you can feast your eyes on a certain Fernando Torres or Ricardo Kaka. If the Spanish or Brazilian isn’t your type, try the Portuguese with Cristiano Ronaldo. Forget about understanding the offside rule; the World Cup is your live 90-minute Playgirl magazine in HD.

So you see, there’s no reason to miss the World Cup, is there?

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