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6 Easy, Brilliant Ways To Take A Break!

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Need a wake up call? Catch yourself off guard and take a gander at what’s on the flip side of things! Take a break from what you would usually do and switch things up with a few simple but effective changes to your routine. We’ve got 6 ways to improve your attitude and refresh your senses!

By Penny C

1. Eat Your Lunch


Food keeps you going, even though you feel that you can do without an hour of it. So hands up all you workaholics who choose to work through lunch! Trying to be efficient by clearing a little mole hill of extra work during that precious hour isn’t a good enough reason to skip lunch. In fact, it could even render you less efficient and have you feeling more tired because your body and mind aren’t given the rest they need. The key is to have small lunches that don’t make you feel lethargic afterwards.

Credits: than skipping on nutrients, put together your own lunch and bring it to work. This way you can watch what you eat and steer away from calories that come with fast food or oily, fried eatery meals. If you’re more of a on-the-go kind of person, grab frozen meals from the supermarket of cafes, or pack a sandwich if you like.

By knowing what and how much you’re eating in the day, you’re more likely to maintain a consistent and healthy diet. You’ll find yourself bingeing less and becoming more productive after lunch too. Compared to those who skip lunch, you’ll feel less anxious and tense by the end of the day plus, you won’t be having a ravenous appetite for dinner which can easily tip your weight off the scale!

2. Motor Mouth Much?


Take a break from talking too much. Sounds like a toughie but we’re serious. Try going without having to talk ( or perhaps with minimal talk ) one of these days and brush up on your non verbal skills. Communicate with your eyes at dinner when you need someone to pass you the salt or when you want to describe how your food tastes. Use your hands to talk and before you know it, you and your friends will be engaging in a sudden spur of charades which actively enhances mental creativity!

Conversely (pun not intended), you don’t have to dominate every conversation or associate your thoughts with someone else’s just because you feel the need to carry on a conversation. Talking can tire people out and it can bore others who aren’t interested in what you have to say.

Having said so, not many grasp that questions like “How did your weekend go?” or “How are you?” are basically other ways of saying “Hello”. These simple ice breakers don’t require an answer that consists of every single event that happened in your life over the last couple of days. So reply with short answers that bounce the conversation back and forth rather than going on about yourself and everything else.

But if you’ve really got a story to tell, you can ask, “Are you interested to to know more?” or “Do you want to know about it?” before rattling on and risk being a bore especially when the other party isn’t interested in what you’re saying in particular. Now you know!

3. Break The Routine


Every routine deserves a break. It makes you think about the many other possibilities of doing things you might never have known if you hadn’t done a double take. It revitalises your spirit and forces your mind to anticipate something new. We’ve got some ideas to start you off!

  1. Take a different route to work.
  2. Wear your hair differently.
  3. Leave your mobile at home.
  4. Walk the other way.
  5. Fruit juice over morning coffee.
  6. Write in purple ink rather than blue or black.
  7. Drop off at a different station and find your way home.
  8. Listen to instrumentals for a day.

For the unconventional, try switching from your dominant hand to the other when completing everyday tasks like brushing your teeth, combing your hair or navigating your optical mouse! This seemingly simple exercise sharpens your memory and thinking abilities as it boosts the growth or neurons in your brain. Mental cross training, we should say. When your mind has played tricks on you, this is one time you can play tricks on it back while staying alert and healthy at the same time!

4. Forget The Voices


Take a break from people – how many times have you told yourself you’ve had enough? Spend a weekend with yourself; in your head. Stick to your task and politely turn down requests to hang out by explaining your special exercise to relax and recollect. You’ll appreciate the time and friends will be more than accommodating in giving you space.

Read a book, watch some good television, do some journalling, try new recipes, get down with art and crafts, enjoy the great outdoors, cycling, running…the activities are endless! Take this time to enjoy some quiet ‘Me Time’ and you’ll be surprised at the stuff you’d rather say to yourself than to others.

5. Shut Yourself Out


Of course, there are those days when you want to get out of your head and distract yourself. Nothing better than a balance of you and the people around you. It’s crucial to have a healthy dose of quiet time but everyone knows what thinking and being on your own too much can do to you. It limits your learning capacities, not to mention how it disintegrates your social skills and emotional quotient down to that of a hermit crab.

Gather a bunch of lovelies and have a fun day out! Meet up for coffee, have a walk around the mall, enjoy trips to museums, spend a day at the beach or better yet, release some coloured hadoukens in a game of Paintball! The aim is to have fun, take a break from what you would normally do on your own and be with people you love. Realise you’re alone and that there are always people who got your back.

6. Social What?


Buzznet, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Plurk, Cyworld, Google Buzz…how quickly social media has taken over our lives! With the slide of a finger, mobile technology is making it faster and quicker for people to get on the web and it’s either having everyone talk to themselves online or publish stories about their bland coffee and how it much makes them want gnaw their taste buds out. Ok, bad visual but you get what we mean. Everywhere we go, the internet is readily available and the lure of social media has everyone connected every single nano second. When the last time you did something you love that wasn’t interrupted with any one kind of social media? That’s right.

Take a good break from socialising online and get real again. Talk to people, not tweet them. When you like something you see, speak up instead of silently giving a thumbs up. Re-blogging – wait, how in the world did that kick off?

Don’t Delay!

Set a date and promise to take a break. Prepare for some changes that will possibly turn your days upside down and in a positive way too!

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