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Street Slick: Wear White

  • SumoMe

White doesn’t only belong on tee-shirts. With preppy stripes, large prints or when paired with strong, solid colours, white becomes the most complementary shade anyone can have in their wardrobe. And while some people are afraid of staining their white outfits, others embrace them in the most fashionable way!

Tips to wear white:

– Wear nude coloured underwear. You want people to notice you, not what’s under your shirt/skirt/dress/pants.

– Add contrast with solid coloured clothing, fun nail polish, accessories (non white), deep red lipstick, awesome hair, neat shoes, tattoos…

– Avoid white shoes. Overkill!

– Be cool and walk with your head up!

Stefany A., 18 year old Student from London

Brit N., 23 year old vintage seller from Fresno, California

Ebba Z., 15 year old Student from UmeƄ

Kazia J., 19 year old student book lover from Poland

Joona W., 19 year old drummer / photographer / student from Kokkola

Laid Back Style by James Bent

Lindsay Woodall

Will you wear more white now?

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