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Music of the World Cup 2010

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The FIFA World Cup 2010 may have the best music since The Cup of Life of ’98.

By Penny K

Wavin’ Flag by K’naan



I’ve been a fan of K’naan since I first heard Wavin’ Flag. His other music is characterised by moving lyrics and catchy beats. K’naan no doubt finds the words to his songs by drawing from his childhood in rough and tough Somalia. This year, Wavin’ Flag will not only move people; it will rouse entire nations to get on their feet. 

Waka Waka by Shakira featuring Freshlyground

Shakira kind of sounds like Cher in this one. Not sure if that’s part of the appeal but this song is fun as hell. Taken off Wikipedia:

The track, based on the chorus of the 1986 Cameroonian hit song Zangaléwa, features Afro-Colombian instrumentation and Southern African guitar beats. The song was also based on Waka Waka by the Surinam-Dutch group Trafassi. The song consist[s] of rhythmical African sounds, the song represents the vitality and energy of the host continent. South African guitars back up the Afro-Colombian rhythm and Soca beat.

The song will make you want to dance and if you watch the video, you’ll know Shakira’s hips are truthful as they are hypnotic.

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