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Mosquitos and Their Gender Discrimination

  • SumoMe

You can sit in the same room with five other people and be the only one attacked by mosquitos. It’s true, mosquitos like to bite some more than others. But what determines its preference?

It was believed for a while that mosquitos are more attracted to women than men. Reason: women are the sweeter sex because oestrogen is a strong attractant.

Now a report in the Annals of Internal Medicine reveals gender plays no part in a mosquito’s decision on who to feed on but men tend to get attacked more often because of their greater body size.

“Larger persons tend to attract more mosquitoes,” the study said, “perhaps because of their greater relative heat or carbon dioxide.”

Similar observations were made when scientists compared pregnant and non-pregnant females. The pregnant women attracted twice as many mosquitos. The study noted non-pregnant women exhaled more carbon dioxide and had higher body temperatures.

In addition, lactic acid is another strong attractant.

Overall, a man is more likely to be bitten by a mosquito than a woman unless she’s a very, very big woman.


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