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All Eyes on BEAST!

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BEAST were recently in Singapore and the fans here weren’t the only ones who were awestruck! The boys from BEAST were visibly astonished at their vast popularity in this little island with scores of fans awaiting their arrival at Changi Airport on the night of Tuesday, 22 June. Not forgetting the several cars and maxi cabs that were on their tail all the way back to their hotel. This has really been quite a feat for these 6 boys aged between the 19 – 21, who’ve been working hard and long to have garnered such overwhelming responses overseas.

BEAST HI-5 SESSION L-R: BEAST are Jang Hyun Seung, Yang Yo Seob, Lee Gi Kwang, Yong Jun Hyung, Yoon Doo Joon & Son Dong Woon

Another accomplishment for BEAST was the ability to enter the Gold Disk category with their album, Shock Of The New Era Asia Version in Singapore – that’s an excellent recognition of having sold 100,000 album copies! Penny C made it to the HI-5 and autograph sessions to give you an account of what went on from the front lines!

BEAST HI-5 Session
23rd June 2010, Wednesday, 7pm, IMM Shopping Mall, Garden Plaza Level 3

beast-hi-5-4The 2nd stop of their Asia Tour and their first time in Singapore, BEAST were ready to kick off their public fan meetings on Wednesday evening, 23 June 2010. For a massive sensation like BEAST, most of us would think it irrational for such celebrities to get close to the fans. From surprising their South Korean fans at home in their MTV series, B2ST Almighty and granting their requests/wishes, BEAST brought their super star smiles and literally lent a hand to every single fan at the HI-5 session.

Entry and a chance to savour the touch of the boys’ hands would only be granted if you and the other thousands of fans flashed a BEAST HI-5 session coupon which was included in the Shock Of The New Era album pack. The queue never seemed to end but the wait proved worthwhile because screams shattered ear drums when BEAST arrived and got the crowd hyped up and the mood pumped by performing Shock, the lead single off Shock Of The New Era.

BEAST HI-5 SESSION 2They turned on the charm in smart blue suits and were groomed to look suave and charismatic, just like how Asian pop sensations are supposed to be. A wink from hot bod Lee Gi Kwang, a charming glance from leader Yoon Doo Joon, a friendly smile from maknae (a term used when referring to the youngest member in a group) for  Son Dong Woon, the nonchalant swagger of Yong Jun Hyung, cheeky grin from the most popular Yang Yo Seob and the laid back flair of doe-eyed Jang Hyun Seung were enough to make the screams go notches higher and louder. All that plus a Hi-5 from the boys – which fan wouldn’t say that he/she had died and gone to a beastly heaven?

BEAST was ready to close the event at the end of the night but not before acknowledging every single fan who stayed behind by flashing their megawatt smiles and doing big waves on stage to everyone metres away.

BEAST Autograph Session
25th June 2010, Friday, 7pm, IMM Shopping Mall, Garden Plaza Level 3


The last event of BEAST’s promotions in Singapore – the autograph signing session. This was where more than 1000 excited fans showed up in line with CDs waiting to be autographed, posters, banners, hand made gifts for BEAST, attention grabbing head gear  and lots of lung power for a screaming good time.

BEAST AUTOGRAPH SESSION 3Fans welcomed BEAST with a birthday song in Korean for Dong Woon, who had turned 19 on June 6 minutes after they took the stage. You’d think that looking all calm and collected in green suits and holding a birthday cake would look out of place but hey, it’s BEAST and the boys still looked all smiley and meticulous.

The autograph signing session soon began with security and staff of Universal Music Singapore ushering fans orderly onto the stage, making sure no counterfeit coupon was used. No authentic coupon, no chance to get your BEAST CD signed.

Like unorthodox Santa Clauses working overtime on Christmas, numerous huge black bin bags were hauled from the stage each time they got filled to the brim with gifts from fans. Soft toys, hand made gifts, and even an entire roast chicken made the list of presents.

BEAST AUTOGRAPH SESSION 5So how are BEAST different from other massive pop bands who choose to be at a safe distance from screaming fans? At the press conference lead rapper, Junhyung mentioned that they aim to be closer with their fans, treating them like friends. This quality of ‘friends before fans’ was displayed yesterday evening when the session went into overtime as BEAST decided to sign for every fan in the queue, despite their original plan to close the event earlier. Not a single fan was denied a chance on stage with BEAST and cheers filled the Garden Plaza.

While all good things must come to an end for BEAST fans in Singapore (at least for now), the boys and their entourage had to make their way to Malaysia that very evening, where fame and adoration would surely continue.

If you haven’t caught the wave, find out more about BEAST at their official site! Don’t forget to pop by Penny’s Daybook Facebook page for BEAST’s Shock performance video!

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