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Everybody is entitled to an opinion and imagination knows no bounds –  these two sayings are particularly true for artists out there who take what people know so well and morph those ideas into something of their own. The result – unexpected fascination. 

kizer180 has created a  wow-tastic “Ego Series” using digital art where he plants his own vision into the stories of some of the best loved comic characters. He lends his unique flavour by enhancing the costumes and recreating the heroes’ regular identities.

Peter Parker / Spiderman

To me the Geek Pete was the ultimate mask. No one ever suspects a friendless braniac loser with a hunch to be the super strong, wall crawling, web swinging hero. I wanted to elongate his porportion and give him very lanky figure. This look to me sort of makes him look more “SPIDER” like when he pops on the suit

Clark Kent / Superman

I feel that a mixture of Frank Quitely Clark Kent and Cris Reeve’s portrayal of him in the Superman films to be the best disguise. When you mix that up you get a clumsy, head sunked between the shoulders, Bowlegged, slightly stuttering, might of been a nerd in highschool, cowardly Clark. I not only see the confident exterior when he puts on the red, blue and yellow tights but sort of a exhale. The chance for him to breath and be himself.

Barry Allen / Flash

Why isn’t Barry Allen a Jewish, red headed, freckled faced, nonchalant, nerdy scientist? Hmmm…because I didn’t make him that way until now,lol! Just seemed like the rite thing to do is all. Flash though is a sleek, sarcastic witty, fast talking mofo. One that can actually back up his talk with actions. He also seems like the type of guy to be totally conscious about his outside appearance in terms of his superhero attire. So instead of the full body, orangy-red and yellow tights, he altered it into something that looked just a tad more wearable. Also this way he doesn’t look like some silly looking fast man trying to pick up the chicks!

Dick Grayson / Robin

So my thought of Dick Grayson before that change is as a high-school prep student that is extremely intelligent but sarcastic, rebellious, hot tempered and non-caring when it comes to the interaction with others. As robin he seems to be more serious, fearless and mentally darker than his past care-free self.

Selina / Catwoman

Selina is as a lonely, boring, dry,sarcastic, and very deeply depressed person when the mask is off. I think the depression spawned from the numerous amounts of grief she experienced as a youngling. The Suicide of her Mother and then the Alcoholism and Death of her Father. After that point I think that she’s been hoping to escape those memories by trying to become someone else, someone she is not.

More and more crap happens after that but I wrote that to wright this.. all these past troubles seemed to have evolved into this street-wise, cunning, seductive, extremely tuff, sneaky, masked anti-heroin we know as CatWoman.

Eddie Brock/ Venom

A bully that is a complete ass and the dude that has all the deep down problems caused from the death of his parents and what he thinks of as a betrayal of Peter Parkers trust.

Tony Stark / Iron Man

So I sort of thought of Tony as a womanizing, Super intelligent, Incredibly mellow, Sarcastic, brilliant business minded, fast talking dude….whew. Which isn’t all that different from how he is in the books now. The thing is that I feel that some of the way he acts is a way to avoid his past.

The birth of Iron man to me was kind of like the rebirth of how Tony saw war. It basically showed him that what he was doing was wrong.

Matt Murdock / Daredevil

To me this DD guy is kind like a mix between Batman and the Punisher. He seems to not only want vengeance but Punishment when it comes the criminals he goes after and will go through any means get both. This of course spawned from the tragic death of his father when he was a kid. I don’t really see to much of a mask man here I just see a guy who is now doing what he always wanted to accomplish. Putting bad people away by day and doing the same at night.

With his suit I always thought that eventually someone was going to use that ningitsu background of his and place some of that in his Daredevil attire but it never really happened. So I took the liberty of alternating it just a touch.

Bruce Banner / Hulk

I feel that the reason Hulk is so strong and so perpetually enraged is because of Bruce’s strong inner emotional agony and Rage from his past.

To me Hulk is like a living personification of Bruce’s inner self. This Wild, Montruos, Powerful sudconcious bomb that has basically exploded. This Bruce here would probably be one who seems to not only be running from a murder he didn’t commit or Lieutenant Striker’s men but possibly this beast that lies within him as well.

Bruce Wayne / Batman

Every body knows that the Playboy, Womanizing  Bruce Wayne is an act. That playful rambunctious Bruce before his parents were killed doesn’t exist anymore so he never grew to become that kind of man. Vengeance and hatred pretty much took it’s place. So His whole life after that point was consumed by getting back at the people who reminds him of his tragic past.

So he prepares himself because he knows that going after such men was inevitable. He defeats his greatest childhood fear by becoming it and “Batman” is the result. So I feel the masked mysterious man of vengeance who wants to strike fear in the hearts of man is the real Bruce Wayne.

Read the artists’ full comments about each character at his deviantART page!

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