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Sex and the City 2

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By Penny V

I’ve been a fan of the series since the very beginning and have seen Carrie Bradshaw grow from a neurotic, shoe-loving struggling columnist to a successful, neurotic, shoe-loving writer.

It was a journey that was fun, real and oh-so-emotional; winning the hearts of single and married women alike, all over the world.

So when the first movie arrived in style after 4 years of bated breath, everyone was over the moon and it was a great bonus tacked on to the end of the series. Now I would have been happy with that, but they began teasing me with heavily photoshopped posters and an exotic location to go with their exotic wardrobes for a sequel.

Unfortunately, the sequel just did not do anything for me. Along with everyone else, I thought the worst that could happen would be a predictable plot; it didn’t matter, the much-loved characters would be able to tide me over. What I wasn’t expecting? Tasteless arrogance and a plot that was making a mountain over a molehill.

They basically tried to make a movie about a minor marital disagreement, motherly woes, career development and of course sex. I’m sorry, but I thought this was already covered in the series ad nauseum?

While it was nice seeing the characters a little older and set in their lives, that was about it. It was fun while it lasted with Stanford Blatch getting married to Charlotte’s gay best friend, Anthony Marentino, cameos by Liza Minelli, John Corbett and Jason Lewis and gallivanting around Abu Dhabi in fabulous haute couture.

Then it went downhill from there: Carrie, circa 3 seasons ago and unable to come to terms of what she has and what she wants; non-existent plot lines for Miranda and Charlotte and Samantha just being even more obnoxious in a conservative Muslim country that was not classy at all. This culture clash was supposed to add comic relief, but all it left was a bad taste in my mouth. No wonder Dubai had refused clearance and scenes had to be shot in Morocco.

Don’t get me started about the characters just traipsing around looking gorgeous round the clock – at least in the series and the first movie, there were points of time where they looked normal.

Seriously, who wears vintage Dior while making cupcakes? That was just asking for trouble.

So all in all, Sex and the City 2, where everyone Carrie’s On, is simply not worth the price of your movie ticket. Stick to the series and the first movie. The sequel will just be a horrific fleeting memory that should not be remembered.

And to think, Sarah Jessica Parker pockets a lofty $15 million with her dual role as producer and actress for a movie that is the pits.

Yep: Stanford’s wedding, that was a WOWZA!
Once the movie hits Abu Dhabi.  
Charlotte York: How are you gonna swallow all those?
[referring to Samantha’s handful of pills]
Samantha Jones: Have we met?
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