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Beard Ban

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If you live in the Japanese town of Isesaki and sport a beard guess you can forget about scoring a job in the public service. Its local government on Wednesday banned its employees from growing beards.

“We have decided to ban our workers from growing a beard as we have received complaints saying they are unpleasant,” Osamu Kigure, an official of the city in Gunma prefecture north of Tokyo, told AFP.

The civic facial hair ban is believed to the first of its kind in Japan.

It was announced as part of annual ‘Cool Biz’ casual office dress rules, which allow male staff to work without jackets and ties in summer in order to cut down on air-conditioning and reduce global warming.

“Although people tend to accept beards these days, officials should look like the public servants they are. That’s our idea,” the official said, adding that the prohibition covers all kinds of whiskers and facial stubble.

Looks like the only facial hair a public servant in the town of Isesaki should keep is a gay beard.

via Channel News Asia

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