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Album Review – My Best Friend is You by Kate Nash

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My Best Friend is You
Kate Nash

Reviewed by Penny K

Because pop music is so much dominated by Gaga, Gaga featuring Beyonce, Christina trying to be Gaga, it’s easy to forget singers like Kate Nash exist. So Nash’s follow-up album, My Best Friend is You, comes at just the right time.

The album’s first single Do-Wah-Doo, released 12 April, is described as having a “Girl Group” sound, taking influence from Motown stars such as Diana Ross and The Supremes and boy does it! Its tune is incredibly catchy and its lyrics make me feel like perhaps Nash and I could be friends:

I’ll just read a book instead.
I don’t care if we’re just friends.
I can hang out with myself
I’m old enough now to pretend.

And then she sums the same track up with “But I think she’s a bitch”, with a great deal of “there, I said it” flair. Nash is the kind of artiste who doesn’t bother with smooth finishes; if she has a point to make she will, no matter if that means the song ends abruptly. Her nonchalance is admirable.

Another song that really catches my ear is Kiss That Grrrl another “Do-Wah-Doo” in its own right; you really hear the girl group influence in this one. The lyrics are a little silly, petty but funny:

I bet she doesn’t like to eat,
I bet her feet don’t even stink!

Pickpocket could’ve well been a Regina Spektor song so by default, I like it. Of the mellower tracks, Don’t You Want To Share The Guilt?, You Were So Far Away and I Hate Seagulls, I pick the last one. It’s a round up of the things we hate sung to a tune in a gentle, contemplative voice. Mansion Song is a three and a half minute monologue featuring Nash as somewhat of a neurotic thespian who spews and sputters vulgarities as if to make the “Parental Advisory: Explicit Content” sticker plastered on the album cover worth its while.

Nash does juxtaposition of mellow voice and sweet melodies with frank lyrics tossed about with abandon all to well.

Are the sounds on this album that much more mature? Maybe not. But is it good anyway? Hell yes. It’s a pretty solid follow-up to her sophomore album “Made of Bricks” (2007-2008). Oh yeah, love the album artwork too.


Kiss That Grrrl
Don’t You Want To Share The Guilt?
I Just Love You More
Take Me To A Higher Plane
I’ve Got A Secret
Mansion Song
Early Christmas Present
Later On
You Were So Far Away
I Hate Seagulls

Pictures courtesy of Universal Music Singapore

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